A Family Emergency Leave Letter

A Family Emergency Leave Letter

An employee works according to the schedules set by the company. However, when the emergency thing happens, particularly when it occurs to the beloved family members, an emergency leave from work is needed until a certain duration of time. To do so, you have to prepare a formal and professional request by sending a family emergency leave letter. Find out more about it through the paragraphs below.

6 A Family Emergency Leave Letter

What would be considered a family emergency?

Before going to step by step to write a family emergency letter, several reasons could be considered as a family emergency.

  1. Newborn child

If you are about to deliver a baby or maybe your siblings or other close family members are about to give birth and they urgently need your assistance for certain days, then it could be considered a family emergency. Ensure to send a proper letter with a clear reason for the company.

  1. Family member’s illness

Illness is something that occurs unexpectedly and when it happens to the beloved family, such as to the parents or children or siblings or other close family members, you may leave the work for several days by sending a family emergency letter to the company and explain the reason and emergency in details in your letter.

  1. Family member’s death

Another unexpected situation is the family’s member death. Take the proper time of leaving and ensure to inform the company about the emergency.

  1. Accident

Similar to illness and death, a family member’s accident is also something that should be considered an emergency. You may send a letter asking for leave and don’t forget to inform the company about the possible date of when you will come back to work.

  1. The dangerous environment for family’s members

A natural disaster that occurs to the family members is considered a dangerous environment. Ensure to rescue your family and explain the reason for emergency leaving in the letter.

How to write a family emergency leave letter?

The form of writing a family emergency leave letter varies yet it usually consists of several things that must be included. Here is some important information you couldn’t miss in the family emergency leave letter.

  1. Set the duration of leaving

While writing the letter, you need to inform the company or the supervisor about the duration of the leave. Related to the reason for leaving, you have to carefully set the estimation of leaving working days. In other words, ensure to write down the date of coming back to work after finish handling the emergency that occurred to the family members.

  1. Provide the reason for leaving in details

As mentioned before, there is no certain form of family emergency leave letter that you should follow. However, ensure to provide detailed information as needed by the company to get to know the reason behind your left. Moreover, you may attach a special note or any additional document like a doctor’s note to support the emergency.

  1. Check, copy and send the letter to the supervisor

After finish writing the letter, mind checking any mistakes or errors occurred. Though you are in an emergency, professionalism is still maintained here. Save a copy for you and send the other to the supervisor to inform the situation.

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