What Is A Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter


A teacher assistant recommendation letter is one letter to an individual that will assist any kind of teacher in the classroom and is often written by teachers. These assistants usually do not have the same level of education as a teacher, but they will receive a lot of on-the-job training.

Artikel 44. Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter

Tips To Write A Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter

  • Choose a professional format
  • State your qualifications
  • Mention the position that will be applied to become a teacher assistant
  • List a skill, trait, and achievement that was important
  • Give a more specific example
  • Provide information from your contact

Sample Of Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letters:

This sample teacher assistant recommendation letter is written for an assistant who will be given a job at a school closer to his home. He is currently going to a neighboring area of ​​the village, but he has built a new school near his house and he has proposed to her there.

Sample Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter

Dear Principal:

I am happy to recommend Clara Berlin for the teaching assistant position at XYZ Primary School. She has been an assistant at BCD primary school for almost four years but wants to move to XYZ due to the closer distance to her home. I feel happy that Clara was able to help me in the elementary class for the last four years and I will miss her very much. However, I understand his desire to work at a school closer to his home.

Clara became the type of assistant who could be relied on and took care of him without being asked. She can help children stay focused. Clara is very good with children, affectionate, and patient with those who are already struggling with their classwork. He worked with them individually so as not to fall behind.

My bulletin board, wall, and hall displays became works of art thanks to Clara’s flair with construction paper and markers. He enjoys works of art that are reflected in his creative display. I’ve given Clara afternoon storytime which gives me time to rate morning stories and the kids are happier. Clara is an animated storyteller who is passionate and catches children’s attention and they remember what she reads to them.

Clara is also talented in technology. She has taught the kids how to type documents in Word, how to make presentations in PowerPoint including importing images, and how to use search engines to find the information they need. It’s amazing what 5 and 6-year-olds can do with patience and encouragement. Clara is conscientious, flexible, cheerful, and never brings home problems to her class.

With mixed feelings, I recommended Clara for another teacher assistant position because I knew she would never be replaced. But to help find a position not too far from her home, I encourage you to consider Clara as a place at XYZ Elementary School. I promise that you will not feel disappointed. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at (113) -113-1133 or by email at [email]


Alexander Jill

Kindergarten teacher

BCD Elementary School




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