Account Receivable Representative Resume Sample

Account Receivable job description is an accounting clerk that takes the responsibility to review the customers’ account in a business purpose, ensure that the payment is done through the correct bank and by using in the right process. The person also needs to be able to provide good service and products.

Hayden James

2201 Lost West Road, Little Rock, AR, 72762, Phone: +1 (501) 766-8844



                                                Little Rock, AR

                                                07/2017 – present

  • Capable to run accounting documentations, process, projects, and others related to the subjects in excellent way as seen in the account receivable representative resume sample
  • Give support to the team and provide best assist on the accounting program
  • Capable to resolve the complex problems and fine the perfect resolutions for the issues
  • Capable to prepare the data and edit the medical claims that is submitted
  • Can prepare the submission in the hardcopy and softcopy
  • Capable to connect and build relations with the third party partners
  • Have wide experience in the work subjects and understand about rules of the network payments
  • Compose meeting with departments, do audit and research of the projects
  • Do the daily correspondence, billing, payment, payment arrangement, and reimbursement



Newark, DE

09/2012 – 05/2017

  • Being responsible in providing the training course for employee with excellent contents
  • Being a good mentorship for new trainers, and can provide quality check for their performance
  • Take part in special projects and involve in significant decisions

Can connect the work with collection management and credit management

Provide best service for clients with proper and correct actions

  • Involve in the auditing and training process
  • Capable to build relations in the departmental staff and works with interdepartmental stuff
  • Works in team with Financial Maintenance team and can complete the project in excellent performance
  • Capable to handle the complexity in the project process and do account correction as well as the adjustments
  • Understand about accounting, capable to work and assist in the billing process, and can create accurate invoice for clients and company
  • Can assist and comply the corporate in the business company
  • Take the position to assist the contract guidelines



Austin, TX

06/2008 – 07/2012

  • Take the responsibility to provide the clean claims for insurance that is offered and asked by the customers
  • Works the tasks that covered the expedite payments business for providers
  • Handle the facilities and ensure it works well
  • Follow up the claims that is sent to the company and make sure for not skipping important and significant information
  • Take the position to handle the denials and correct the claims that is sent to the company from the other team
  • Make sure to give best service for clients and help the clients to get the claims
  • Capable to work with Revenue Cycle Manager and the biller
  • Handle the insurance payers, clients, or patients on the account and on the past due accounts
  • Run the work with expertise interpersonal experience
  • Build a good relationship with clients, employee, employer, the company, and the partners as well as the company insurance
  • Manage to do portfolio documents, work under service terms, and coordinate the team



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Accounting Program



  • Have excellent and proficient communication skills for both verbal and written
  • Understanding about accounting field and know how to work it out
  • Have great skills in the computer literacy, such as Microsoft Words, Excel, and others
  • Have excellent mathematic skills
  • Capable to build good work in the work area
  • Have capability to build connection and develop business relationship with partners
  • Can solve problems quickly and handle the tasks with perfect performance
  • Work in detailed and perfection
  • Capable to work multiple tasks
  • Have great understanding about accounting and know how to use it
  • Have amazing administrative skills
  • Can collect and do documentations that put in detail, well-organized and in a face paced process environment
  • Work with accuracy and capable to work under pressure


Account Receivable Representative Resume Sample 1

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