Administrative Assistant Recommendation and the Letter Sample

At this moment, you are possibly a manager or even an executive. Even though it is not the highest ranking in a company, you still have to lead your team under your leadership to achieve the company’s goal. To support you in doing that, you will need a capable administrative assistant to fulfill offices daily needs such as archive, inventory, presentation, and others. If you have one, that individual will be indispensable and invaluable to your team. However, you might want to say goodbye if that person wants to move to another company for a better career change. An administrative assistant recommendation letter should do it.

170.Administrative Assistant Recommendation

What is an Administrative Assistant Recommendation Letter?

an administrative assistant recommendation letter is a letter containing information to fully describe the person’s quality that you recommend to fill an administrative assistant position. In recommending such a person, make sure you thoroughly provide the person’s skills, achievement, and personality so that the company which the person is moving into will be convinced by their mark.

What Skills should an Administrative Assistant Have?

A compelling administrative assistant should master every tool of Microsoft office. Also, they need to fully grasp the ability of presentation in every meeting of the company. Controlling office inventory is also an exemplary skill that they must have. Should they have all of those, their administrative assistant recommendation should pull through the company they want to move to.

How do I Write a Convincing Administrative Assistant Recommendation Letter?

The key to writing a strong impression of an administrative assistant recommendation letter is to fully know who and what kind of person you are recommending. To help you out with that, follow the below tips to help you write the letter.

  • State the name and their position
  • Describe the person’s personality
  • Mention some achievements
  • Enlist their top-tier skills

The Sample of an Administrative Assistant Recommendation Letter

It would not hurt your dignity to seek help by looking at the sample below to have you understand what kind of flow and choice of words you need to utilize in your writing.

Dear. Director Manager of Mon Company

I am writing this letter to recommend my finest administrative assistant, Margaret Drake, to fill a void at your company. As an executive, she has been a splendid assistant in managing the office and my daily need in operating the company’s missions. She is organized and fully prepared in everything such as documentation, presentation, inventory control, you name it.

As my company is hectic every day, it is my obligation to keep the schedule in check and flow as smoothly as possible. That is where Margaret comes in. With her top-mark management skills, she can arrange meetings and other correspondences in order which results in no mess at all.

It is a deep honor for me to recommend her at your company with her remarkable traits. I am sure she will be a great fit for your company and that she will prove herself invaluable for your company’s growth. If there is anything else you need to ask, you can reach out to me by calling at 102039494.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Sincerely Yours,


Mr. Norrington


That is the end of the valuable information regarding the details of the recommendation letter.

As for an administrative assistant recommendation letter, it is the finest letter that you can use at your disposal to bring a great impression of your recommendation to other companies.

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