Admission Appeal and The Sample

If you can get yourself into the school you are craving for, you are literally living your dream, especially if you are a college student. Top universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, or even Stanford University is a model for an exemplary figure for a school. Getting inside of this school would be challenging but it will be worth your attempt and energy. However, sometimes you will not gain admission to those schools if there is just one error in your requirement. Fortunately, you still have your chance to file an admission appeal letter to reverse the decision.

53.Admission Appeal

What is an Admission Appeal?

Admission appeal is a process of reapplication to the school that just denied you in the initial application of your admission to the school. At some points, it is actually worth the effort to fight this admission when you have thoroughly conducted full research on the school regarding its policy, rules, and background. Regardless of your effort to appeal, some schools might bluntly state that they are not open to appeal which would waste your time significantly. It will be better to consider any other schools that fit your needs.

How Long Does It Take for Admission Appeal?

When it comes to admission appeal, there is actually no time limit for the court to make its decision. However, the average and common timeframe for the decision is usually out in 6 months. Unfortunately, no matter how short or long the time span, it will not affect the upcoming decision.

How Do I Write a Successful Admission Appeal Letter?

It will be better to know the tips in writing an admission appeal letter, beforehand. It is understandable to be in stress, and anxiety waiting for the chance to appeal. Do not worry, you will get through this. Here is what you need to prepare before fighting your battle.

  • Make a thorough and concise opening statement with your frank intention
  • Set out facts, evidence, and awards if you have them
  • Be specific and do not state any false claim

The Sample of Admission Appeal Letter

As you have prepared all necessary components in writing your first admission appeal letter, have a look at the sample below to enlighten your method in writing a more successful appeal letter.

Dear Mr. Chairman

The name is Alexi Hiddleston, and I am writing this letter in response to appeal my initial rejection of admission to Stanford University. I strongly believe that the reason my admission was excluded is due to my horribly low SAT (Scholastic Attitude Test) Scores.

The day I took the SAT on April 23 2020 was hurtful for me. My asthma came back to me and I had a hard time focusing on the test which results in 300 on math, 200 on verbal, and 100 on the essay. To make it right, I have just taken another test which results in 690 on math, 600 on verbal, and 580 on my essay. The accumulative score taken from this is over 1870 score which I got on July 15 2020. That score is more than enough to fill the criterion of your school admission.

Recently, I have also taken part in a social community activity that contributes to literary skills in the society in Queens, New York. As a result, more than 90% of children under the age of 15 have improved their reading and comprehension skills in literary and digital.

I personally believe that it will not be easy to reverse the decision that you have taken. But it will be worth a try if I could effort an appeal. Please, take this letter into your reconsideration regarding my admission to your school.

Thank you for your effort and cooperation

Sincerely yours,


Max Tyler

Details above have summed up the necessary hints on how to get started for your appeal letter.

This letter is, without a doubt, a necessary instrument to back up your dream of getting the school you want.

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