Analyst Functional resume sample

Analyst Functional job description is a position that requires an expert in the business analyst that specializes in certain technology, various line of business and domain or industry. The position needs person that expertise to handle in particular field, put attention and care to attributes and characters also understand about the function of the field. It requires someone who puts on detail and can analyze through technical.

Analyst Functional resume sample

Joyce Al

1187 Down Regency, Tupelo, MS, 38801 Phone: +1 (662) 877-6433



                                                Tupelo, MS

                                                08/2015 – present

  • Analyst Functional resume sample
  • Can give recommendation for business improvement and provide solutions for business development
  • Can give full detail analyst about the future development of the business improvement including showing best ways or techniques for business efficiency
  • Can show the way to maximize the quality and the process of the business growing management
  • Capable to give full support to company and assist the company’s target
  • Can give strategic excellent operation tasks and provide tactical ideas
  • Can improve the opportunities of the business project
  • Being responsible to the work plans details, schedule date and time, project estimation time, statues project and resource plans
  • Capable to give acceptance test plan in order to ensure the operations to work properly
  • Can provide program that encompass SAP to other business unit department
  • Can give full support for the project management



Helena, MT

08/2012 – 06/2015

  • Can do mentoring for analyst staff program
  • Can develop the team project and do modification for implementation system
  • Can develop the data quality culture along with EIT and T-Mobile executions
  • Capable to provide the estimation of the product time in accurate way
  • Capable to put an effort to do the tasks and maintain to complete the assigned asks
  • Can ensure the business elements such as stakeholders, project managers, and department management about the full information
  • Can explain in details about business projects risks, profits, and activities
  • Can handle the system functional processes that are assigned
  • Can show the capability and perform an expertise of the Fieldglass
  • Understand about SAP, ECC, PI, Ariba, P2P and can do configuration
  • Can do development with SAP, ABAP, SA PI, and complete the functional test



Kansan City, MO

06/2006 – 05/2012

  • Capable to do technical requirements and do system design
  • Have great technical skills that requires the ability of configuring, updating, and installing the system
  • Can do specific duties projects and expertise to do the system process
  • Can do the reporting data, updates, testing and handling the troubleshooting that happen to the system
  • Can do data analysis and advance on the SQL, and Excel capabilities
  • Can do the workshop , review the HR business session, and do technical and functional resources
  • Can do multiple tasks including communicating with business partners
  • Capable to do business organization and handle the impact of the cross functional that may happen
  • Can work with team and coordinate the work with best performance



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Marketing



  • Have great interpersonal skills
  • Capable to create communication links and relations toward various type of people and different organization level
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Understand about software and technology
  • Understand about business marketing and capable to detail analyze of the subject
  • Think creative and innovative
  • Problem solving and work with enthusiastic
  • Can work individually or with team
  • Capable to adapt in a new environment
  • Have great observation skills
  • Can design the business map, marketing design, and propose convincing analysis
  • Capable to work in a hectic schedule and under pressure
  • Can operate technology programs and applications
  • Understand about business domain and be specialize on it
  • Have comprehensive functional software requirements


Analyst Functional resume sample

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