5+ Sample Annual Maintenance Schedule Template

Annual maintenance schedule template is a form that includes maintenance activities which must be implemented in various structures & spaces done every year. You can use it in establishments, business, households, or other organizations that need to be maintained.

How to Write an Annual Maintenance Schedule Template

Annual maintenance schedule form can be applied to various locations of areas, equipment and system. Here, we will guide you how to create the template. So, you can follow the following steps to make an annual maintenance schedule based on your business.

Template Annual Home Maintenance Schedule Sample

There are some important elements you need to provide in the template. The first is Description. It relates to the description of the schedule or the manual to be followed to assist people who are going to use it to have an annual maintenance process overview & why it is important.

The second element is Maintenance Plan. It can help to assure that the conditions of the items which should be maintained are still in good conditions & appropriate for use. Here, the maintenance plan should be able to assure that.

The next element you need to include is Suggested Maintenance Schedule. It may vary. It depends on the weather conditions, its process, and also transactions where the entity being involved & the allocation of budget for maintenance.

Then, you should also provide the information of the Service Providers as well as Item Suppliers. This information lets you contact them to help you do maintenance activities you will do regularly every year. So, make sure that you provide the correct providers of service and the suppliers of items.

In the annual maintenance schedule, it is also important to include the Processes. Here, you should provide the processes involved in particular activities related to maintenance. It depends on the maintenance scope you want to achieve & also the items you should maintain.

One more, you also need to provide information related to Maintenance Logs. You need to include this information so that you can update them to assure that all activities of maintenance are done well and properly.

It is possible to add items needed in the annual maintenance schedule. You are also allowed to deduct some items. It depends on the maintenance activities you are going to do. It varies based on the item conditions and the application of various processes for the maintenance.

For annual maintenance contract schedule, you should provide the following information. First of all, you should include the name of service provider. Besides that, you also need to include the company representative name as well as those who will maintain items.

Then, the template also includes maintenance service inclusions. The next information is the scope of work the maintenance service provider will do. Next, you should include the agreement term & limitations.

You also cannot forget the maintenance service schedule. The price you should pay for maintenance & payment terms you may follow also must be included. One more, you should include the service condition and its application during the maintenance in the annual maintenance schedule template.


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