Appreciation Letter from Patient to Doctor and the Letter Sample

There is no telling how far we can live in the world. Horrific and terrible events might cost us a severe illness that needs to have us treated at the hospital. At that point, only a doctor and their proper medical attention can save our lives. In the amid of the treatment, doctors will certainly put good care to our health and make sure they do not lose a life as they will be tormented if it happens otherwise. Therefore, as a patient we should give them a thank you note such as appreciation letter to doctor to acknowledge their striving.

169.Appreciation Letter from Patient to Doctor

What is an Appreciation Letter to Doctor?

an appreciation letter to doctor is a thank you note from a patient expressing sincere gratitude to a doctor who has been supportive and caring in treating them with great care. Often time, the format of this letter does not have to be strict and you can write it casually followed by proper courtesy. It may be lesser for some people, but an appreciation letter means a lot for the doctor as it can encourage them to do more for their patients.

What Kind of Doctor is Worth an Appreciation Letter?

Generally, all doctor deserves an appreciation letter to doctor as they are crucial in saving your lives and taking care of you. However, a good doctor should be friendly, loving, and kind to their patients and know the best way how the patients want to be treated.

How Should I Write a Meaningful Appreciation Letter to Doctor?

Positive gratitude should be well-delivered to the doctors when you hand them in an appreciation letter to doctor. As it is not so formal, you can write it nonchalantly without having any trouble. Should you be confused, try to look at the below tips to get you started on the writing.

  • Mention the date of treatment and the process
  • Deliver your gratitude
  • Give any positive feedback on how they can improve
  • End it with a positive note

The Sample of an Appreciation Letter to Doctor

If you have got no clue on how to choose which specific choice of words you need to write the letter, you can try to look at the following sample to help you understand the flow of the letter.

Dear Dr. Who

It is with my great gratitude that I am thank you for all the service and treatment you have concocted to make sure my blindness stays treated up until now. I could not imagine any other doctors who are as caring as you that are willing to sacrifice your evening break just to make sure how severe my blindness is. Thankfully, on 24th December, the operation goes smoothly, and I become stable though I am still blind.

The substances that caused blindness in my eyes were transported on a truck crossing the street in my neighborhood. An accident fell that the barrel containing the substances fell on the street and it hit me when I fell down my bicycle. Some doctors said that my blindness was not as bad as it looks. The moment before nightfall, I insist on the nurses to do a final check on me and thankfully, there were you who are willing to conduct an examination.

Without you being there beside me, my blindness could go even worse than I could ever imagine. I wish you have a bright future career being a doctor.

Thank you for your effort

Sincerely Yours,


Mr. Murdock

That pretty much sums up the necessary information concerning the details about the appreciation letter.

You have to be happy as an appreciation letter to doctor can help you deliver your gratefulness to the doctors.


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