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12+ Attendance Sheet Template for PDF and Doc

Attendance sheet template is a form sample that is used to create a form for attendance. This form is used to record the members or people that have attended to the events or to the place. This type of form has a lot of styles and usages.

Most of the time, it is used in the company, school, or in a certain event like wedding. One of the most templates that people are looking for is the design that is used for employee. This template is used to help the company’s documentation and help to manage the administration.

To create to this form, some information needs to be mentioned in the form. An easy sample consists with simple design. There is no complex design form. It simply consists of table form with regular day’s info. You can easily create this form by following the steps below.

How to Arrange Simple Attendance Sheet Template

A simple design for employee attendance sheet template starts by creating tables and columns. Build around seven tables. Each of part fills with employee name, and the working days starting from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, to Friday, then the last one is the total working days.

Above that, it is important to mention the company’s name in the top of the form. Then, write the department name to show what departments the attendance form is sent for. The form can be specifically arranged to weeks or monthly time depends on what the company is settled for.

The monthly design has quite similar. The difference is there are a lot more tables that you need to fill out as it is arranged as per month. On the left side, there will be list of the months starting from the date of working time. On the right written vertically there will be a list of dates.

The function of this form is to track the attendance percentage of the employee that comes to the office. This will help the management team to collect the data. Furthermore, the collectable data helps the company to value the performance of the employees.

Sometimes, the monthly attendance sheet pdf or the daily document is also used to calculate the performance of the employees that help to convince the salary percentage of them. In some sample design, the design can be arranged by different styles.

The company can arrange the design by listing the numbers. Then, beside the number, there is name section that can be filled with employees’ name. After that, the form only presents the attendance and not attendance data.

The employees can check it when they come to office and leave it blank if they are absents. Then, the last one is the total of the attendance is written in the last part. Usually, to validate the form, it will need to have signed proof from the head, the manager, or the supervisor.

Even though, making this attendance sheet template form is easy and you can find a lot of templates that are suitable for your need, it is important for employees to keep the work at a good track. Leaving absents without permission or certain information will effectively affect to the presence.

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