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How to Make an Audience Analysis Template

Audience analysis can be defined as a process to understand and identify the priority & influencing audiences. They are people whose behavior should change to improve their health. If you want to know how to write an audience analysis template, you should pay attention to this article.

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How to Write an Audience Analysis Template

There are some steps that you need to follow in writing an audience analysis form. First of all, you have to identify potential audiences. Here, you need to brainstorm & list down all the potential audiences affected by or who have control on the social or health problem including men & women.

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Secondly, you have to select the prioritized audiences. To identify the prioritized audiences, you may need to consider who is most affected, how many audiences are, how important the audiences change their behavior, who control the behavior and how the audiences change their behavior.

Thirdly, you should identify the characteristics of the prioritized audiences. You may need to identify the psychographic, geographic and socio-demographic characteristics of the prioritized audiences. You are also required to include their communication preferences & other chances to reach them.

Next, you must identify attitudes, knowledge & practices. In this case, you have to understand what the prioritized audiences know, think, feel & do about the problems to determine the stage of behavior changes of the audiences. You should consider beliefs, behaviors attitudes & knowledge.

Writing an audience analysis essay also requires you to identify barriers & facilitators. You need to consider some important barriers such as negative experience, fear and habit. Besides that, you also need to consider acceptability, affordability, accessibility, and of course availability.

The 6th step is to consider audience segmentation. It is a process to divide the priority audiences into sub groups based on the characteristics which affect the success. Here, you must look at the priority audiences & decide if it can be reached effectively or not. If yes, they should be segmented further.

Then, you are also required to identify the key influencers based on the segmented or priority audiences. Here, you must search the stakeholder workshop, situation analysis, & qualitative research findings for the indications about who influences the priority audiences strongly.

The 8th step is to organize the influencing audience info. For each influencing audience, you need to search the literature to identify info about them & their relationship to the priority audiences. It is a good idea to organize this info on influencing audience in different table.

Lastly, what you have to do is to develop the profiles of the audiences. In this last step, you must review the notes about the audience & tell the story of the person. It brings the audience segment to life by telling an imagined individual story from the audiences.

It consists of a paragraph which has details on the current attitudes, values, emotions, motivation, behavior, and information like sex, religion, income level, age, & where they live. That is all the right format of an audience analysis template.


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