10+ Award Certificate example psd design

Definition of award certificate

An award certificate is a written document that states that the person whose name is written on the document has achieved certain award. Our templates are available in various resolution sizes and file types so you can use them on any occasion.

award certificate example psd design

Here’s an example of the templates we have:

  • Free certificate of appreciation template
  • Free gift certificate template
  • Free certificate of completion template
  • Free award certificate template
  • Free business certificate template
  • Free award ribbons certificate template
  • Free general awards template
  • Free spelling bee awards template
  • Free online graduation certificate template
  • Free writing certificate template
  • Free math certificate template
  • Free geography bee certificate template
  • Free art certificate template
  • Free drama awards certificate template
  • Free music awards certificate template
  • Free computers certificate template
  • Free teacher awards certificate template
  • Free sports certificate template
  • Free dance certificate template
  • Free printable certificate template
  • Free reading certificate template
  • Free cute certificate template
  • Free animal certificate template
  • Free fantasy certificate template
  • Free cool design certificate template
  • Free friendship certificate template
  • Free holiday-themed certificate template(Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc.)
  • Free miscellaneous themes certificate template
  • Free award of excellence template


What SHOULD be in an award certificate template

1. Designed to evoke respect and reverence

An award certificate template should be designed to evoke respect and reverence from the viewers.

award certificate in photoshop

2. Has universal design

It is preferred that an award certificate template has universal design so that it can be used in various occasions, by various institutions and companies.

award certificate in psd design

3. Has a perfect resolution

Often times, your award certificate will be printed. So, you need a template which has perfect resolutions. If not, your printed certificate will look blurry.


What SHOULD NOT be in an award certificate template

1. Stock imagery

Don’t choose a template that uses stock imagery, let alone one that’s been used too often. Make sure the design of your award certificate is original by including your own vector image or a modified vector image.

award certificate in photoshop

2. No key information

The following is the key information that must be included in an award certificate: branding, insignia, accomplishment, date / timeline, original mark / seal / design element, special touch / detail, signatures, complete listing (title). name of certificate honoree, place of certificate, and specific border. If there is no key information, your award certificate will not look different from other written documents.

award certificate psd templates

Award certificates are designed and given to reward someone’s achievements, make a good memory for that person. For this reason, you must really pay attention to the design elements selected in order to make an impression of respect for the person receiving it. Remember that the award certificate will be cherished for all time by the recipient. So, make a design that is timeless so that even though it has been several years, the design is still significant at that time.

award certificate psd

Award Certificate Design Ideas

award certificate templates psd award certificate templates for photoshop

Award Certificate Ideas

award certificate psd templates award certificate customizable psd design templates

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