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Bakery is an establishment that produces and sells bread, cookies, cakes, pies, pastries, and other flour-based food baked in an oven. In addition to meeting customer’s needs for daily food, bakery also serves bread orders for special events such as birthdays, weddings, meetings, business events, anniversaries, and parties.

Sample Templates Blank Bakery Invoice


Definition of bakery invoice

An invoice is a document that details the sales transaction. The bakery invoice is usually given to the buyer along with the items that have been bought (in this case bread, cake, pastry, or other wheat processed products). Then, the buyer usually pays the bill directly on the invoice to the baker through the cashier.

What must be included in a bakery invoice?

A bakery invoice is considered valid if it includes:

  • Invoice number, with the provision numbering in accordance with applicable laws
  • Registered company name where the invoice is released
  • Invoice date which refers to the purchase date of the items
  • The total cost of items purchased, with detailed explanation of each item

Sample Templates Home Bakery Invoice


Tips in making bakery invoice

Follow these tips to make your bakery invoice interesting, easy-to-read, and memorable to your customers:

  • Do include your company address to make it easier for customers to repeat order
  • Do list all of the purchased items along with their respective unit cost
  • Do write the total amount of the purchased items clearly and legibly, do not opt out fees and taxes
  • Do keep a copy of the invoice for future auditing purposes
  • Do provide payment options if buyers can pay the invoice using debit or credit card

Sample Templates Printable Bakery Invoice


3 best software to manage bakery invoice

To facilitate in creating bakery invoices, there are a number of bakery software on the market that you can use, namely FlexiBake, Bakers Labeling Software, and Cybake. What are the main features of these software? See our brief explanation of each below:

  1. FlexiBake offers several useful features such as sales management, customer management, inventory management, and sales history.
  2. Bakers Labeling Software has features such as production management, customer management, and labor cost calculators.
  3. Cybake has a handful of features including production management, inventory management, sales management, and sales history.

Sample Templates Printable Bakery

To help you make bakery invoice, we have provided free bakery invoice template for you to download. We have Bakery Invoice Template, Cake Invoice Template, Free Invoice, Simple Invoice, Printable Bakery Invoice, Blank Bakery Invoice, Home Bakery Invoice, and Invoice in Excel. Our file formats include Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Excel, and MS Word.


Sample Templates Simple Bakery Invoice


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