10+ Sample Birth Plan Templates

Birth Plan Templates Checklist, Designs, and Samples

Birth plan template presents the designs with beautiful patterns that will definitely make your life easier. The time when you have your baby born, you may feel joyful, memorable, and something that you will never forget in your life.

Birth Plan Template 38

You will feel like you want to tell the world about the good news you have right away. Sending a message through social media maybe the first thing you do. But then, you may want to deliver the message more formal.

Printing a template like this may come as one of the choices. To create this form, here are some of the things that will be mentioned. In the worksheet of the birth plan that you are going to write, there are some points that will be pointed out.

Birth Plan Worksheet Template

Birth plan worksheet provides four things. The first thing you write in the form is the name. Then, there are attendants in the first point. In this section, you will have five options for some following people that you want to be presented in the labor of birth process.

Birth Plan Template 39

Those are partners, relatives, friends, and children. Then, the next point is the amenities. What things you would like to have in your room? These things may be prepared in the birth room like bringing the music, dim of the lights and the color of the clothes the labor and deliver wear.

Another thing is taking pictures or video during labor or delivery activity. Make sure you have checked the list before moving to the next point. The hospital admission and procedures need to be mention in the list.

You need to mention whether you want to return to home if you are not in active labor in the list. Make sure you have checked the list and inform the medic about your decision. Then, there will several activities that you can choose.


Things for Hospital Admissions and Procedures in Birth Plan Form

Those are whether you want your partner to be there for you all the times, or only the practitioners, nurse, or guest to be presented in the room. You have to mention whether you will contact lenses as long as you don’t need a C-section.

Birth Plan Template 40

Then, other admission that are being offered for you is the condition whether you want to eat when you want to, take drink in order to stay hydrated, and have sale lock. The last one is whether you choose to walk or move around in your plan.

In the birth plan sample, there is intervention section. Here, you mention about some conditions that happen as long as the baby and the mom are doing fine. The worksheet can be formed through a list of paragraph. However, in other side it can also be created through list.

In some other sample, the letter will consists with the name of the mother and the baby’s due date. Then, there is a list of contact that you want to contact after having birth. There are also some lists you want to make sure that the medics are going to take care of you in your Birth plan template.



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