Birthday Thank You Note Sample Template

How to Write a Birthday Thank You Note Template Properly

If it is your birthday, you may get many notifications on social media. If you hold a birthday party, there will be many people who come and give gifts. Anyway, you should thank to them all. One of the ways to say thanks to them is by using a birthday thank you note. Here, we will explain you how to write it.

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Tips to Make a Birthday Thank You Note

Thanking someone for the wishes of your birthday will be much easier with a birthday thank you card than saying to them directly one by one. However, you have to know what you need to include in this kind of note. So, it will be effective and makes the recipient pleased with your birthday thank you.

To write this note or card, you have to say thank you even at the beginning. Opening this note with thank you is the best way in writing it. So, you should directly say thank you before saying anything else. Saying thank you at the beginning will make a good impression to those who give you birthday wishes.

As we know, people who are invited at a birthday party will usually give gifts. If you get a gift, you cannot forget to mention it. It means, you have to say thank you for the birthday gift given to you. You should show that you really love the birthday gift and will always take care of it & will not forget it.

However, not all people who come to your birthday party give gifts. Some of them may only come and give wishes. It does not matter and you still need to thank to them for their wishes. In this case, you have to show that you are really happy because they have come and enjoy the birthday party together.

In the birthday thank you letter, it is a good idea if you tell everyone especially who comes to your birthday party that it really impacts you. You have to be able to show that they make you really happy in the special day. For example, you can write “it makes me feel so loved” or “your wishes made my day”.

This thank you note for birthday can be typed or written by your hand. Anyway, you have to remember to write your name. In needed, you can also sign it off. It shows that this card or note is really from you, not someone else. To feel more personal, you can only write your nick name or even your call name.


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One thing that you also need to keep in mind is that hand write a birthday thank you note makes it feel more personal. Moreover, it also shows that you really appreciate their wishes. For the length, it is best if you keep it short & sweet. For the wording, it is best if you make your own words from the deep heart.

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