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Blank Cornell Note Writing Guidelines

Cornell note is a system used to note materials from reading or a lecture and for retaining or reviewing that material. It is very useful to organize your note. Besides, it also improves your skill and even leads to success academically. If you want to know how to write it, just pay attention to this blank Cornel note.

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Tips in Making a Blank Cornell Note

In this article, we have a sample of a blank Cornell note template. So, you can use it to write your own material with this system. In this case, you have to know and understand about the rules, format, template, and also detailed step by step. For the further explanation, let’s see the following discussion.

First of all, you have to mark the name of the course. After that, it can be followed with the date when you write this. Then, what you need to write is the topic of the lecture or what you read. All of these should be written and placed at the top of the page before you write anything else further later.

Secondly, you should take notes only at the bigger section of the page. You can write what you get while listening or reading. In this part, you have to include any info you get from your professor, the book you read, the slideshow you see, or any other source of information. Make it simple but as clear as possible.

Here, you have to use notes to read or listen actively. Whenever you find an important point from your lecturer, book, or anything else, you must make a note of it directly before you forget what you get. In this case, you have to be able to recognize the signals where there is important info you have to write.

In writing a blank Cornel letter, it is very important to keep it simple. You have to think that your note is an outline of a lecture. So, you should focus on the keywords & important points only. You will also have time to review it later. Then, you will be able to fill the gap or revise anything that needs to be revised.

You will certainly get many illustrative examples from the lecture, book, etc. However, it is better if you only note the general ideas rather than illustrative examples. As we know, paraphrasing will not only save time & space but also force you to connect between the presented ideas & your own expression.

When you come to a new lecture theme or topic, you have to leave a space and draw a line. Even more, you can also start a new page if needed. It helps you to organize the material mentally. Besides that, it also helps you focus on learning various parts whenever you need to.


Blank CORNELL NOTES SHEET Blank Cornell Note Template

Lastly, you may need to make a note of questions that arise when you read or listen. After you write the note completely, you should review and edit it as soon as possible. Hopefully this blank Cornel note will be useful for you all.

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