10+ Blank Rental Agreement Template Sample

How to Make a Blank Rental Agreement Template

Since property becomes a great investment, there are many parties that lease their properties. If you also belong to them, you will need to be able to create a rental agreement. We have a blank rental agreement that you can use as a reference to make the proper template.

Sample 2BHK House Blank Rental Agreement


What to Include in the Blank Rental Agreement

Writing a property rental agreement requires you to include at some basic terms. As we know, this agreement involves 2 parties between renter and landlord. Therefore, firstly you have to include the names of both parties. If there are tenants, you have to include them, too.

After the names of both parties, you will need to include the terms of tenancy. In this section, you have to describe whether this agreement belongs to month to month agreement, a lease agreement for a fixed term or the tenant terminates it. Here, you have to dress the termination options.

The next term include in the agreement is Rent. Here, you have to describe or mention the amount of rent, when the payment is due, and also how the rent should be paid. If there are some acceptable options of payment method, you have to mention it all.

The limit on subleasing or occupancy should also be included in the rental agreement. It ensures that only those who signed off the lease can live on the premises. Here, tenants cannot sublease the premises without approval from the parties who signed off the lease.

Next, you also should include security deposits & other fees. For your information, security deposits are contentious issues between a tenant and a landlord. Other fees should also be included such as repair fees, cleaning fees, etc. Do not miss any kind of fee related to the rental service agreement.

Then, you also need to include repairs & maintenance. Here, both parties should set off the terms in the rental agreement clearly. For example, the tenant must be responsible for any damage she or he causes and responsible for the maintenance of the clean premises. Just explain it as clear as possible.

You cannot forget including the right of entry. Here, the rental agreement must specify the conditions under that you are allowed to enter the property rented as well as what notices are required prior to entry. You have to make sure that the provision sets out in the rental agreement.

The next term to be included is for disruptive behavior & illegal activities. The example of disruptive behavior is excessive noise whereas the example of illegal activities is dealing drugs. Next, you are required to include the term of Pets. If pet is not allowed, just state it clearly.

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The last term to be included is damage to premises or alteration to premises. Here, the blank rental agreement must state who is responsible for the damage to the property rented. You also need to describe the type of alteration and when the permission is required.

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