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If you have high blood pressure, you need a blood pressure log to track and monitor your blood pressure. It also helps you improve the treatment quality. Usually, doctors require you to keep it for a period of time.

How to Write a Blood Pressure Log

Below is how to make a blood pressure log chart. Before that, you have to know that the ideal blood pressure should be less than 130/80 mmHg. Some doctors recommend lower than 140/80 mmHg. So, if your blood pressure is higher than it, you have to monitor and lower it gradually.

Blood Pressure Log Template 02

To chart includes some columns. The first column is date. In fact, keeping blood pressure log is done is a period of time. It can be a few days or even weeks. It depends on the progress. So, you need to make some rows in the chart or table.

The second column is time. You cannot only mention the date but also the more specific time. In this column, you should fill with the time when the blood pressure is checked. In a day, you can check it more than once. For example, it can be in the morning and evening.

The third column is for comments. You can fill it out with any comment related to the blood pressure you check. It can vary depending on the condition. Even though it is an optional column, you need to make this column for a reason.

The next column should be blood pressure. You can also name it blood pressure reading. The blood pressure is read in mmHg. This column is divided into 2 sub-columns. The first is systolic whereas the second one is diastolic.

You can make one more optional column for blood pressure reading. The second column is also divided into systolic and diastolic. If the systolic is higher than 130 and the diastolic is higher than 80, you should lower it.

Actually, the name of columns on blood pressure log table is flexible. For the time, you can also divide it into 2. The first is for A.M. and the second is for P.M. You can also name the column as time of day. Alternatively, you can divide the time column into morning and evening.

For the blood pressure reading, you can make it one column only and do not need to divide it. In this case, you can name it blood pressure (systolic / diastolic). So, you can separate it with (/) in filling the column.

You can also add heart rate column. In fact, blood pressure is always related to heart rate. So, it is a good idea if you include heart rate column. The column of comments can also be placed at the right one for the last column.

That is all how to make a template of blood pressure log. After you create it rightly, you should record your blood pressure and fill the columns based on your blood pressure condition. Then, bring it when you meet your health care or doctor.


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