10+ Sample Blood Sugar Log Template

Blood Sugar Log Template is a form that is used to present the daily or regular check-up of patients’ blood sugar rate. This form has a function as a record of the medical history of sugar level that the patients have.

This information paper can be helpful for both patients and physicians. Thus, to make this form looks good, helpful, and effective, you may have to know about certain things first. The information below will help you to create a better form with complete data that arranged in a professional way.

How to Create a Good Blood Sugar Log Template

To be able to get a fair data with detailed information, the physicians or medical staff will check the patients. To get the information about the sugar level from the body there are some actions that needs to be done such as fasting, do such exercise and take the calorie intake details.

All of these activities will then give result of the data. The result of the information then will be put down and written in the form. This form will then appear as medical information that help physicians, medical staff, and patients to figure about the condition.

Furthermore, it will also help to know what steps or kind of treatment that is suitable for patients. Then, how to create this form? To create this form, you can easily look at the samples that are available for you.

A daily template to create diabetic blood sugar log template can be made through tables. You need to firstly create tables and columns. First, you need to create title. Just put the title as the daily diabetes log to inform the reader that this form is used for sugar blood data.

Then, put the information of the date or the weeks in the on the left side under the title. After that, you can make columns and tables and put the information there. These are some stuff that you can add to the tables.

Complete Data You Need to Put in the Form

Before that, remember to put the days on the left list. Then, on the top of the tables you can write fasting blood sugar data, med/insulin, lunch blood sugar rate, mid/insulin again, and then dinner blood sugar data, and move to med/insulin data again, to the last one before bed data.

Next to the data of the before bed blood sugar, put the med /insulin as well. All of these need to be composed systematically. Then, you can fill out the additional info under each of the previously three sub-title as before/after.’

This to make note and to make you sure whether the patients take the medicine before or after the noted process. For example, it shows whether the patients take the medicine or insulin after or before the fasting blood sugar process.

Then, you just only need to fill out the data regularly and systematically. This is how you do simple blood sugar log for daily record. Another form that can be used as well is the form with targets. This form is similar with the previous one.

The data that you put is almost the same. However, the difference is you just need to put the additional hours in the next of each sub title. It is because you are going to write the targets data. Thus, you need to put more specific data there.

You can put the target of 2 hours after meal and put the collected information in the details. Another additional thing is you can put the comments on the list. This will help you to give more additional important info in the Blood Sugar Log Template.


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