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Book is a window to the world. This expression has been known throughout the world community. By reading a book, you can find out what’s going on in other parts of the world, even places you haven’t heard of yourself. A book can enrich your knowledge as well as sharpen your fantasies and make it seem as if you are traveling through time. We provide ready-made book cover templates for you, aspiring writers, who want to print your own book cover.

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What SHOULD be in a book cover template

1. Suitable for the genre of books

There are various book genres, including fantasy, horror, science-fiction, thrillers, romance, and so on. Each genre has its own unique cover. If you want to make a book cover that can help your book sales, you should consider a book cover design style according to the genre. For example, for a fantasy genre book design, you can choose a book cover that displays a landscape in accordance with the fantasy described in the book.

2. Consider where the book will be sold

The location where the book is sold greatly influences the book cover design. If your book is going to be sold digitally, for example through the Amazon platform, you should use a more eye-catching design because your book will compete with other books on the Amazon search page. Meanwhile, books sold in bookstores must have book covers that emphasize tactile experience.

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3. Use a matching book cover style for the sequel

If you intend to publish a sequel / sequel / series to your book, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, consider establishing a specific style for your book cover. This will help your branding.

book cover psd templates

4. Pay attention to book cover typography, including graphics and fonts

Just like designing anything else, designing a book cover must also pay attention to typography. The authors pour their imagination and knowledge into the book. It is the duty of a book cover designer to represent what is on the author’s mind through the cover. Pay attention to typography trends for the genre you’re writing about. For example, vintage photographs for historical setting book, natural settings for women’s fiction, and a photograph of iconic landmark for a book that has setting in a city that has the same landmark.


What SHOULD NOT be in a book cover template

1. Does not match printer settings or size

The final file for the book cover to be printed must match the resolution, size, and type of paper. All colors must be in CMYK type if they are to be printed. Most printers prefer high-quality PDF files. Other printers require you to provide an .ai or .eps file format.

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2. Doesn’t consider the book format

When you design a book cover, you must pay attention to the format of the book that is being sold. The designs for hardbacks and paperbacks are different. Hardbacks should have a more premium book cover design. Meanwhile, paperbacks, the kind of book that is cheaper to produce, have a different audience than hardbacks. Therefore, consider using a softer and more appealing design.

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Book Cover Design Ideas

book cover psd templates

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Book Cover Ideas

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