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Book Report Formats with Free Samples

A book report is usually required as an assignment to students in the school. Here, the teacher asks students to read a book. Then, this report asks students to detail what a book is about, the main characters’ names, etc. Anyway, you have to understand the correct book report formats.

Sample Book Report Example

How to Write a Book Report

A simple book report format comes with the following elements. The first is a setting. It is where the story takes place. Characters also belong to the elements to be included in this report. It is a list of the names of the main characters.

The next section is a plot. It is a basic overview of the events told in the book. Last, this report should include your impressions, too. It is about whether you love the book or not. In this section, you are also required to explain why you like or do not like the book.

For a multi-page book report format, there are some subheadings you have to provide. The first is an introduction. It should be in the first paragraph. An introduction includes the title of the book, the name of the author, the genre, and why you choose that book.

Sample Book Sales Report

The second part is the main body. Written in the middle of the report, it includes the summary of the book, characters, settings, and theme. The final part is the conclusion. It is a short summary of the book and also an opinion of the book.

Creative Ideas for Completing a Book Report

There are many ways to complete a book report template. One of them is to write a book review. In this idea, you should write it in the form of a blog or newspaper review. Besides that, it is also a good idea to do a diary. Here you should use a journal to make a diary written by one of the main characters.

Sample College Book Report Format

Then, you can also interview one of the main characters. However, it is just an imaginary interview. You can ask about where, why, what, and anything else. Another way is to write a newspaper article. You can make an imaginary newspaper article that details one of the events in the book like a theft.

What to Do After You Have Written a Book Report

We have discussed a book report form clearly. Now, you also need to know what to do after writing the report. First, you have to read & mark the report wholly from the beginning to the end. If you find some mistakes, you should mark them.

After that, you have to fix mistakes such as spelling errors, grammar mistakes, etc. Once you are sure that there is no mistake anymore, you can print it out. Finally, you can submit your book report in either a digital or printed form.   Sample Funny Book Sample Grade Book Sample Journal Book Sample Mobile Book Sample School Book Format

Now, you have understood the book report formats. So, you can start writing your own report. If you have never made it before, you can see the following free book reports. Our book reports are free to download.

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