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Creating a book report template seems fun. However, it is actually a bit confusing when it it’s the first time you create this. It challenges you to understand well about a work as well as its author. It is similar to a book review. In this article, we will discuss it further.


How to Write a Book Report Template

There are some rules that you have to follow in making a book review template. First of all, open it with intro paragraph. The intro paragraph must be informative. Here, you should include the name of the author and also the title of the book. Anyway, it must be able to attract the readers.

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You can use a unique quote from the work. We recommend you to put a general summary in one sentence in the last line of the intro paragraph. For example, it states “This book tells about the main character’s journey to America and what he learns on his travels”.

To start the body of the book report, you need to describe the setting of the book. Setting relates to the location and time. For example, it takes place on a faraway farm. So, you can write “The farm is surrounded tightly by rolling hills”. Related to the time, you may write “The story happened in 40s”.

Now, it is time to include the general summary of the plot. Here, you need to describe what exactly happens. In writing the plot summary, it is important to state any major event that takes place and also how the events impact the characters involved in the story.

For the general plot summary, the portion must look akin to a detailed book outline. For example, if the main character goes to America, you should describe what happens before he or she moves, how he or she moves, and also how the main character settle when he or she arrives.

If there is more than one main character, you have to introduce them in the book report form. Here, you have to introduce each of them. It relates to who they are & also why they belong to the main characters. You can also focus on what the main characters look like to the most important acts.

In the book report, you also need to examine the /main arguments or themes. You can also include this in the body paragraphs.



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