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Book report is an essay that discusses the contents of a book. Usually, a book report is a school assignment that must be collected within a certain period of time. Children who usually write book reports are those who are in elementary school. The teachers give a list of books that they can choose to report. However, sometimes students are free to choose their own book title, as long as it is in accordance with the topic and level of difficulty.

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The contents of the book report are usually around the bibliographic information of the book, a summary of the contents of the story, settings, main characters, key points of the story (plot), author’s purposes, and the main theme of the story in the book.

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There are significant differences regarding book reports and book reviews. Lay people may misunderstand and think they are the same. However, the book review focuses on evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the reviewed books with the aim of providing knowledge to the reader whether the book is suitable for them to buy and read or not. Unlike a book review, a book report aims to outline important aspects of the book so that potential readers understand what is said in the book in general. To make it easier for students to write book reports, teachers sometimes ask them to use story journals. With story journals, they can write a summary of the actions that occur in the story in the book to be reported.


What SHOULD be in a book report template

1. The identity of the book report writer

Because a book report is a school assignment, the front of the book report must contain the name, class, and number of the student who is writing. If the book report is only in the form of a sheet of paper, the identity can be found at the top of the report.

2. Elements of the story

A good book report template provides columns for filling elements of the story, including characters, settings, problems, solutions, etc.

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3. Enough place to write a summary

After writing the elements of the story, give enough space to write the plot, climax, and resolution of the story.


What SHOULD NOT be in a book report template

1. Unnecessary decoration

A book report is not a presentation that needs interesting pictures or illustrations so that the audience is interested in paying attention. In fact, the book report template is usually just a form to be filled out.

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2. There is no identity column and the column writes a summary

What’s the use of using a book report template that doesn’t include these two things? You better use a simple blank book report template.


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