Breakfast Cook resume sample

Breakfast Cook job description has responsibility to control the service for breakfast and manage all of the related aspects such as ensuring the guest to get and receive a satisfying delightful foods and assist the lunch service list. This position also needs to understand about how to set up the kitchen and clean up the set. The chef needs to know and handle the kitchen, menu, and lead the kitchen team very well.

Breakfast Cook resume sample

Thomas McDohan

4115 Meadows Street, Milwaukie, OR, 97086, Phone: +1 (503) 744-9718



                                                Milwaukie, OR

                                                08/2017 – present

  • Capable to serve excellent capability on handling the kitchen area, show great skills and provide excellent breakfast cook resume sample
  • Can handle the preparation, presentation, and execution of the foods very well
  • Handle the controlling food supply and manage the cost
  • Can maintain the sanitation, cleanliness, and supplies
  • Can organize the kitchen and the foods control
  • Can manage and handle the food supplies purchasing, safety, and beverage management
  • Can do cash control management and handle the profits and outcome
  • Capable to create and handle the community relations
  • Can prepare, provide, and manage the staff training
  • Present the marketing, manage the advertising, progress, and sales
  • Capable to motivate the team
  • Capable to improve and manage the negotiation
  • Manage to expand the business and control the development
  • Capable to build great teamwork, entrepreneurship, and marketing sales improvement



Green Bay, WI

05/2013 – 04/2017

  • Create the menu item and arrange the list
  • Can create good communication within team and build up great teamwork
  • Can assist the management of the kitchen
  • Can supervise the food preparation and do presentation
  • Being responsible to assist the quality control of the food
  • Manage the portion, food recipes, food requisition and others
  • Provide quality control the kitchen supplies and handle it carefully
  • Can operate and take care of the kitchen equipment
  • Arrange the schedule of the kitchen staff
  • Can lead and supervise the cook and kitchen staff
  • Manage the restaurant or foods department under regulations and policies
  • Always ensure the sanity and the clean aspects of the kitchen room including the equipment and utensils



Vermont, WA

09/2009 – 04/2013

  • Can do the tasks with responsibilities and manage the kitchen tasks
  • Can control the service and provide excellent food service for guests and customers
  • Capable to give breakfast and lunch menu with delightful taste
  • Can give best cooking service and capable to assist it
  • Have capability to set up the kitchen tools and serve the foods
  • Always do cleaning up process carefully
  • Check the foods stocks and manage the larder tactfully
  • Manage and control the food supplies
  • Can manage and control the food stocking and the station supplies
  • Give best food service



                                                Bachelor of Arts in Food and Beverage Business Management


  • Have worked in the culinary field, have great experience and deep understanding about cooking management in the top place
  • Creative, compassionate, and have strong will
  • Can manage to work in a new environment with new team very well
  • Can adapt new environment and capable to work with professional
  • Work with courteously and tactfully
  • Can be reliable and tactful
  • Have great interpersonal skills and have great personality
  • Can work under pressure and still show great performance
  • Capable to solve problem and give solutions
  • Can create well communication with customers, coworkers, and company’s partners
  • Understand about the kitchen management and tools
  • Can do multi task and work for certain times
  • Can do food presentation, preparation, and food control quality


Breakfast Cook resume sample


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