Business Analyst QA resume sample

Business Analyst QA job description is a position that requires the candidates to understand about business projects and have capability to create plan, do coordination, assign the business tasks to colleagues and partners, as well as to handle business problem that comes as complex.

Jacob Hudson

2241 Sheerwood Grove, Fort Collins, CO, 80022, Phone: +1 (303) 111-2377



                                                Fort Collins, CO

                                                05/2015 – present

  • Have great knowledge about databases and business skills that is seen in an excellent Business analyst QA resume sample
  • Capable to manage the software developments and know how to operate for best business performance
  • Compiling documentations with details and in excellent performance
  • Understand about SQL server and Oracle, and know how to operate and demonstrate it
  • Can create clients side program and decide the best plan for it
  • Arrange the team that runs the program tasks
  • Manage the business developments and provide detail technical assistance
  • Perform the exploration data with various source
  • Build the analysis cubes, graphs, and report
  • Expert in giving data management, data developments, statistic and more
  • Explore the source data and provide details plan with assisted initial plan
  • Monitoring the team plans and assist it on the right managements



Colorado Springs, CO

08/2009 – 03/2015

  • Involve in the company’s business planning and give coordination in the plan projects
  • Runs various assigned tasks and complete it successfully
  • Capable to connect and communicate with various business departments
  • Handle and take care the clients as well as take care the clients area and handling the technical plan
  • Make the technical organization plan, direct and conduct it to work well
  • Provide the technical assistance for company to review the business plan
  • Can identify, evaluate, and develop the systems and the procedures of the plans
  • Can give effective plans that works successfully
  • Work as internal consultant that gives helpful recommendation, suggestion, and opinions for company
  • Capable to manage business groups
  • Understand about technology and work under industry standard



Hartford, CT

05/2003 – 06/2009

  • Develop the technical plan for business plan and give significant solutions for the problems
  • Give advanced recommendation and suggestion for company
  • Help the development of the company’s business
  • Create profitable business plan with clear plan and map sales
  • Capable to define the company’s business problem, give full analysts as well as present the best solutions
  • Being responsible to handle the business documentations
  • Can provide full assurance quality of the plans
  • Capable to deliver the plan projects and communicate it to related departments
  • Capable to give details and specifications for business product and its design
  • Give high contributions to company business assessments
  • Can proceed meetings and lead the projects



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Information Technology



  • Have great communication skills and experience in business field
  • Advance in various language: Spanish, French, and Dutch
  • Have experience to develop web program and software that help the business plan
  • Have great interpersonal skills and compassionate
  • Capable to create coordinate business user and make the design
  • Can implement the QA skills
  • Can inputs – outputs about data bases for company
  • Can build communication for business relations
  • Understand about basic computer, web, and application programs, and advance to operate it
  • Can work as team and build great teamwork
  • Can think creative and innovative
  • Can operate the QTP, Unix, JCL, and more


Business Analyst QA resume sample


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