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Business Card Templates

A business card is an ID that contains information about the identity of the card holder who is the owner or employee of a particular company.

Business card templates psd templates

The importance of business card design

The design of a business card can be very important because it is one part of a company’s marketing plan. The design must be integrated with the company’s values, as well as parts of other company documents such as letterhead and envelopes.

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What SHOULD be in a business card

Of course, the following information must be listed on your business card: Your name, your position, your company name, your company address, your number, e-mail, and your company’s website address.

We help you create the business card of your dreams. We have curated the best business card templates available. To find a business card template that matches what you are looking for, you should pay attention to the following main features:


Key features of the best business card templates

1. High resolution design

Even though virtual business cards are popular nowadays, physical business card exchange still exists. Therefore, look for business card templates that have high resolution. Do not let business cards be blurry when printed. We have ensured that the raw files that we provide are high resolution.

Business card templates in psd design

2. Pre-made styles

The best business card templates have access to many choices of pre-made styles. You have a lot of freedom to customize your business card to be unique.

Business card templates in photoshop

3. Easy-to-navigate layer templates

Our template is fully editable. All details such as logos, colors, brands are easy to navigate for editing purposes.

Business card templates in photoshop

4. Includes help information

Our template has clear instructions that make it easy for those who are not familiar with design to edit your dream template.

Business card templates example psd design

5. Memorable designs

Business cards must have a catchy and memorable design. This allows potential clients, entrepreneurs, employees, partners, etc. know you. Give your business card to any potential clients you meet.

Business card templates customizable psd design templates

One small tip that is often overlooked: Usually, colorful business cards are more likely to be memorized than black and white ones. However, too many colors or incompatible colors will make it seem tacky. Stick to giving an accent such as a black background with red accents.


Did you know?

The right business card will be able to attract prospective clients. Maybe the person whom you give business card does not need your service now. However, tomorrow, next month, or next year, they might change his mind. Or, they may recommend your business to their friends. If they need you, they can contact you directly because your contact information is readily available.



Business card templates psd templates

Business Card Design Idea

While clear contact information is very important, you should avoid “busy” business card designs. As the saying goes, keep it simple. Do not cram too much information on the business card. Make sure your business card has an easily readable font/typeface. In addition, everyone knows that first impressions are very important. So, make your business card as attractive as possible but still highlight your personality and your company. Especially, if you are a professional, creative agency employee, or artist, it is very important to create a business card design that reflects your artistic talents and skills. As such, avoid making business cards designs that are pretentious and boring.

Business card templates templates psd

Business card templates templates for photoshop

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