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Cash budget is a budget which is based on the actual cash inflows & outflows, opposed to be based on accounting principle like revenue recognition, accruals and matching that can result in different numbers. So, if you want to start a business, you need to know well about a cash budget template.

Annual Cash Budget


How to Write a Cash Budget Template

A budget form is very important for business or personal planning because it indicates how much it requires the funding / how much you your business produce surplus cash in a period of time. There are many rules that you have to know in creating a cash budget.

First of all, you have to decide the type of cash budget you want to make. In fact, there are some types available and they have different formats. You may want to create a monthly, weekly, annual, personal, or business cash budget.

Basic Cash Budget

Before you start writing the cash budget, you should make a title. The title depends on the type of cash budget you will make. If this is made for your company, you can put the name of the company at the title. Then, you can start providing the cash budget.

There are some kinds of information you should provide in the template. The first is cash in from the service or goods sale. Whether your business sells goods or provides services, you must include its cash in clearly.

Besides that, the cash budget template must also provide the information about cash out used for expenses. The expenses may be for various uses such as buying new stock of goods, paying employees’ salaries, etc.

In this budget sample, the cash in or out for investing must also be included. You must include the cash in from other people’s investment or the cash out you use to invest goods, furniture, or any other thing to support the business.

There may also be some cashes from financing. Here, you also should include them whether it is cash in or cash out. If there is only one of them, you still need to provide it clearly so that the total cash can be seen clearly then.

After all the cashes in and out are provided, now, you should calculate the total change in cash in every period of time. Usually, a company prefers a monthly cash budget because it is the most ideal period of time for financial report.

A cash budget may come with some sections. The amount of the section depends on the sources of cash in and cash out. This template is always made in form of table and no other else. That is why most people create a cash budget using Ms. Excel.

That is all how to make a cash budget template. Anyway, this form will really help you to manage your expenses properly based on the expenditure budget. You can also see some examples of cash budget and you can edit them for your own use.


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