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A CD is stored in a CD case so that it is not damaged. Then, the cover is labeled for easy identification so that it is easy to locate when needed. You may need the Cover Templates CD for the following:

  1. When you burn a blank CD that doesn’t have a built-in CD cover so you need to label it so that the contents of the CD are known without having to read it on your desktop / laptop.
  2. When you want to be creative, make a CD cover for your collection, for example your music collection, photo collection, your collection of works, etc.
  3. When the original CD cover is lost, you need to make a custom CD cover so that the contents of the CD can be recognized only by the cover

CD cover in psd design

Great CD covers will have you happy organizing your CD collection. This will certainly provide a pleasant experience and happiness for you.

How do you make a good CD Cover?

1. Choose a template design from the variety of CD Cover Templates that we provide

We have provided CD Cover Templates that you can download, modify, and print for free. Choose from hundreds of templates including:

  • Free Branding Style CD Cover Template
  • Free Classy Wedding CD Cover Template
  • Free Classic Wedding CD Cover Template
  • Free Day Sleeper CD Cover Template
  • Free 3d Play CD Cover Template
  • Free Wedding DVD Cover Template
  • Free Recording Artist CD Cover Template
  • Free Music CD Cover Template
  • Free CD Cover Sticker Template
  • Free Rock Hits CD Cover Template
  • Free Pre-order CD Cover Template
  • Free Artist Name CD Cover Template
  • Free Red Mix tape CD Cover Template
  • Free Create Your Album CD Cover Template
  • Free Cash Money CD Cover Template
  • Free Good Vibes CD Cover Template
  • Free Electro Techno Music CD Cover Template
  • Free Trap House Music CD Cover Template
  • Free Music Pack CD Cover Template
  • Free Summer Vibes CD Cover Template

CD cover psd templates

2. See the details of the CD Cover Template you chose

make sure the CD Cover Template you choose matches the theme of your CD content. For example, if you want to create a custom future funk music CD cover, you can choose a futuristic CD Cover template. Choosing a silver, metallic, or neon base color will make a futuristic impression on your CD Cover.

CD cover psd templates

3. Customize the CD Cover Templates design to fit what you need / want

Of course, you need to customize the template design that we provide. Write an album title or a summary of the contents of the CD in the template you choose.

CD cover psd

4. Download and print your own CD Cover

Once you’ve selected and adjusted your design, you can download the files to save on your computer. Then, you can print it on special CD Cover paper. Make sure the size and layout are correct. Use good quality paper so that the CD Cover does not tear easily.

CD cover templates psd CD cover templates for photoshop

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