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If your students finished your course, it is a good idea to give them certificate of completion. Actually, it is a simple certificate that can be made easily. However, many people do not know how to make it. Therefore, this article will give you guidelines.


How to Write a Certificate of Completion

There are many kinds of basic information you have to provide in the completion certificate. The first is the institution’s name that provides the certificate at the top of the certificate. It can be a course, a school, or any other institution. For example, the certificate is provided by “English First Institution”.

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Besides that, the name of the receiver must also be presented. Before mentioning the name of receiver, you can write “This certificate is given to” followed by the name of the receiver. You can make your own statements like that.

This certificate can also be given to more than one person or to a group. So, the certificate must state clearly that group. However, mostly this certificate is designed for individuals. So, the receiver is also one person.

Next, the completion must also be included. You have to write the training, course, or any other trial that someone completed so that he or she is eligible for this certificate. For example, you can write “for completing a 6-month English course”.

The next item to be provided in the certificate is the date of the certificate given. So, the provider must schedule it before. For example, it says “Presented on 28th February, 2019”. This information should be provided so that other people know when the completion certification is given.

At the end, signature must be presented. The signature should be official. It may include the signature of the institution’s manager and secretary. If there is no signature, the certificate will not be valid.


Tips to Make Certificate of Completion

To make a good certificate, there are some tips that you should pay attention and consider. The first is related to the background. The background should be simple but interesting. You can look for the theme that relate to the institution’s style.

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Besides that, you also need to think about the fonts. To make the certificate easy to understand and interesting, you have to know when to use capital letter, large fonts, art words, italic letter, color of fonts, etc.

Then, you can also consider adding a logo. Every institution must have the logo. You can present the logo in the certificate or not depending on your desired design. Anyway, you have to keep it simple. If there is much free space on the page, you can include it freely.

That is all how to create a certificate of completion. It is easy, is not it? After the certificate is printed out, it is ready to be given to the receiver. This is a very important certificate. SO, you have to make sure that you give it to the right person directly, not any other person.



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