Certified Home Health Aide Resume Sample

Certified Home Health Aide Resume Sample job description has duty to take care of the patients, monitoring their conditions throughout physical observation and mental condition for both intake and output. They also need to check the patients’ condition and support exercise for them. They also provide the housekeeping for patients in order to keep them safe. This includes handling the laundry, food shop, doing household requirement, running errands, and many more.

Certified Home Health Aide Resume Sample

Adam Brown

1802 Flick Giblle Road, Miami, FL, 32003, Phone: +1 (727) 566-2366




Miami, FL

06/2017 – present

  • Improve the safety and the security for patients including taking care of their healthy environment
  • Follows the standards and regulations to maintain the security precautions
  • Develop the job projects in the company and take part in saving the company’s reputation
  • Take care of the new staff’s schedules and capable to create the clear task for them to run
  • Create regular meeting and perform programs that helps the service and performance for patients
  • Understand about how to run the operations in the medical company
  • Can upgrade the progress of the medical projects
  • Communicate with various organization and arrange the meeting
  • Provide the medications with clear and secured instructions



Gainesville, FL

08/2013 – 04/2017

  • Helps and take care of the family members to do the right procedures that help patients
  • Teaching patients’ family members to operate medical tools like lifting, turning, re-position the beds for patients or patients’ body
  • Advise the nutrition and regularly check them
  • Always make sure the safety and the security of the patients
  • Ensure the healthy environment that follow hygiene standards and follow the appropriate procedures
  • Assist the dietary prescribed that is required for patients
  • Participate for various projects in working area
  • Works under home care policies and procedures
  • Capable to keep and save the service reputation in the working area, also can achieve the new accomplished in different request area



Palm Beach, FL

04/2008 – 05/2013

  • Assist the patients to do the daily activity and helps them to run the daily living
  • Provide the daily basic care in a routine way
  • Helps the patients in eating, bathing, and brushing
  • Being responsible to give the medicine for patients regularly
  • Clean the area or the patients room and ensure it always clean
  • Helps the patients to change the dress and the bed, also do laundry
  • Support the patients to do the household service
  • Checking the medical condition of the patients by checking the temperature and the rate of the heart pulse
  • Helps the patients with walking aids or artificial limbs
  • Helps to teach the patients to use utensils for eat, personal equipment, and keep it hygiene




Bachelor’s Degree in Medical College



  • Have great communication skills
  • Can build friendly and responsive communication with people
  • Willing to work with patients
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills communication
  • Work with dedication and compassion
  • Work with empathy and caring to many people
  • Can work with flexibility of time
  • Have deep understanding about medical subjects
  • Have medical background with excellent performance
  • Have great physical stamina and can carry out various schedules and tasks
  • Have excellent writing and verbal skills
  • Can do instructions and run the directions carefully
  • Can prioritize tasks and decide the solutions when there is trouble
  • Understand how to arrange documentations and procedures


Certified Home Health Aide Resume Sample

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