What is stated in the child custody agreement letter?

A child custody agreement letter is a legal document used to state agreement about the child’s safe environment between divorced parents. In this letter, there will be a list of terms that are agreed by both parents about the rights for taking care of the child, the visitation rights and schedule, and many more. To find out more about this letter, read the full article written below.

139 What is stated in the child custody agreement letter

What are the types of child custody arrangements?

the parents’ divorce requires both parties to take responsibility for the child/children which is written in a legal document called the child custody agreement letter. In this case, there are several types of child custody arrangement you need to know, check out the explanation below.

  1. Legal custody

Legal custody is a legal document used for long-term decisions from both parents about their child/children.

  1. Physical custody

Meanwhile, physical custody requires the parents to determine where the child would stay from day today.

  1. Sole custody

If the case is that the other parent is accused of an abusive parent, then sole custody can be used as a legal document to provide full custody to the other parent.

  1. Joint custody

One of the most common types of child custody is joint custody that enables both parents to share the same rights and schedules for taking care of the child.

  1. Grandparent custody

If the child needs their grandparents to take part in their care, then the grandparent’s custody may also be used in arranging the child custody agreement.

Is a handwritten custody agreement legal?

Child custody agreement could be written by the professional one which is an attorney or the parents could write by themselves. While writing for a custody agreement, they need to be able to follow the proper guidelines so that the document is appropriate and legal. In conclusion, a handwritten child custody agreement is considered to be a legal document if it follows all of the legal and formal terms of writing a custody agreement letter.

How to write a child custody agreement letter?

While writing for a child custody agreement letter, there are several important things to include.

  1. The schedule of the custody and visitation

Clearly state the schedule for the children including the holidays. As a result, not only the weekday schedules but the weekends and other special events should be involved in the schedules.

  1. Parenting provisions

It talks about the rules and terms that have been agreed upon by both parents. While taking care of the child, the parents should follow the rules that have been written in the child custody agreement letter. Some information you may involve are:

  • The child decision authority
  • The medical care of the child
  • The child education and school system
  • How to change part of the agreements
  • And many other necessary rules
  1. Child supports

It mainly talks about the children’s financial support given by the parents. Here, the parents’ income will be divided into percentages and it will be counted based on the number of children.

Those are some important things you should include in a child custody agreement letter.


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