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Definition of class schedule

According to the Collins Dictionary, a class schedule is a list showing the hours a particular subject is taught at that class or college. The same term is also used to describe the kinds of subjects a student is studying in his class or a subject taught by a teacher in his class. In British, a class schedule is also called a timetable.

class Schedule in psd design

The steps to create a class schedule

If you are a teacher or lecturer, you know that building and maintaining good study habits is essential to completing school / college successfully. About 34.5% of fresh graduates who took part in the poll released by uopeople.edu regretted that they did not study properly and effectively. Only about 30% of students admit to being taught how to manage their time. In fact, the study plan is an important element in managing time and achieving their study targets.

Even so, it should be remembered that there is no such thing as a one study plan, a “one-size-fits-all approach study plan”. You have to make a plan that fits your needs and takes your goals into account.


Steps to make a study schedule (study timetable)

1. Know your learning style in advance

Everyone has a unique learning style. There are five main types of learning styles when grouped. The five types of learning styles are visual learner, aural learner, verbal learner, physical learner, logical learner, and social or solitary learner. Make a study schedule that suits your learning style. Once you have found the most appropriate learning style, you can decide how, where, and when to study.

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2. Set realistic learning targets

Even though you have aspirations to become a class champion, for example, you still have to adjust your learning targets to your current abilities. Start by setting a simple milestone for the semester you are currently in. Simple goals include completing internships, completing essays, and taking additional classes. After that, make a list of what you have to prepare and learn to achieve those goals earlier. For example, if you want to complete an essay, you have to find and read material related to the essay that you are going to make, take the important points and write them in your notebook, write a draft, etc.

3. Integrate study time into your daily routine

Studying should be your routine so that you are more comfortable in carrying it out. You can be flexible in determining the hours of study, but try to set aside a special 2 hours, for example, to study intensively.

class Schedule templates psd

4. Make a study schedule (class schedule)

It is important to prioritize what you need to complete the course of study. We provide class schedule templates that you can use to create your daily schedule:

  • Free Blank Class Schedule Template
  • Free Preschool Class Schedule Template
  • Free Weekly Class Points Template
  • Free Course Schedule Template
  • Free Middle School Class Schedule Template
  • Free 3rd Semester Class Schedule Template
  • Free Sociology Majors’ Schedule Template
  • Free My Class Schedule Template
  • Free BS Biology Class Schedule Template
  • Free Third Grade Class Schedule Template
  • Free Personal Class Schedule Template
  • Free Fourth Year Class Schedule Template
  • Free Final Exam Schedule Template
  • Free Pottery Class Schedule Template
  • Free Printable Class Schedule Template
  • Free 24-hour time Class Schedule Template
  • and many more

5. Schedule yourself to relax

Stress can make learning chaotic and ineffective. In fact, you can even forget what you learned because you are not in a good psychological condition. According to research, stress that lasts for just a few hours can release the hormone corticotropin, which can interfere with the process of creating and storing memories. So, you also need to relax to reduce stress levels in order to study effectively.

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6. Make a study zone of your dreams

When you are at home, you can make a corner of your room a place to study. Even so, don’t always study in the same place. Research suggests that changing scenery can increase concentration and retention.

7. Review your notes every day

Note-taking is an important part of proper learning. You also need to review your notes every day so you don’t forget what is written in them. You need to review your notes within 24 hours to remember up to 80% of the information from the lectures you took. This effect is cumulative so you can remember 100% of the same information even if you only review it for five minutes. Interval studying like this is more effective than cramming (all-nighters studying).

class Schedule psd templates

8. Use electronic devices only as necessary

Cell phones, computers, tablets and other electronic devices can interfere with your study time. So, use it wisely. If necessary, take advantage of your electronic device by installing applications or programs that can make learning more accessible and easy.

9. Join a study group

Study groups can help you commit to completing the study goals that you have previously set. Study groups are also good for discussing and debating the material being studied. However, don’t create a study group that contains too many people, just a maximum of 6 people to stay focused.

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10. Give yourself enough time to sleep

Good quality sleep every night can increase attention, make studying easier, improve memory, and improve problem-solving skills.

class Schedule psd templates class Schedule customizable psd design templates

Class Schedule Ideas

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