5+ Sample Commercial Agreement Templates

Step by Step in Creating Commercial Agreement Templates

Commercial agreement or also well known as commercial lease agreement can be defined as a legal document which binds the property owner and the lessee. It contains all details related to the terms of the lessor to let the lessee to occupy a property. Now, let’s see this commercial agreement template.

Sample Commercial Agreement In Doc


How to Make a Commercial Agreement Template

Before you start writing a commercial lease agreement template, you have to know the kinds of this agreement first. There are 4 types you need to know. They include Office, Retail, Industrial, and Multifamily. In choosing commercial property, you should consider the price, location, security & space.

After knowing the type, now you can start writing this kind of agreement. However, you have to know the components that you should include in it. In fact, there are at least 8 components to be included in the commercial agreement. Let’s discuss them all one by one.

First of all, you should begin with the contact title. At the top, you have to make a specific title which shows that it is a commercial agreement. So, everyone who reads it will know that this document is a commercial lease agreement.

After you make a title, the second step that you have to provide should be the names of the parties involved. In this step, you can begin with the landlord’s name followed with his or her contact details. Then, you can continue with the tenant’s name followed with his or her contact information.

Next, writing a commercial lease agreement also requires you to include the property being leased. Here, you have to provide its complete address clearly and in detail. Make sure that the address is right to avoid any problem in the future transaction. Both parties must also survey the property location first.

Now, what you need to write relates to the deposit & payment. You have to indicate all the needed payment here. You can begin with the deposit to be paid and then followed with the amount of payment per month or per year. You should also include discount and fee if any.

You cannot forget to include the dates. It is the starting date as well as the ending date of the agreement. It aims to make sure that all the involved parties are aware of the termination of the contract. Besides, you also must inform the due date of the payment.

You can continue writing the terms & conditions of the occupying property. Then, do not forget to include the responsibility & obligations. Here, both landlord & tenant should hold the roles & responsibility in the contract. You also need to state the consequences of one breach it.

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After you include all the required elements and you check that there is no any mistake, finally you can sign off the commercial agreement templates. The signatures must be handwritten and followed with the full names of each party. Hopefully this will be a useful reference for you all.

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