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Commercial Lease Agreement Templates and Easy Samples

Commercial Lease Agreement is generally used to rent for property. This form is an agreement that happens between the rented and the owner. A business of property will really need to have this agreement file. This document consist of various important information including terms and conditions.

Commercial Lease Agreement Template 01

This form is used by the landlord or the owner of the property to tell and deliver about certain things that will help the rented or tenants to understand about the whole things related to the rental property in more details.

What to Write in the Commercial Lease Agreement

If a landlord is consider of making this lease agreement but kind of do not know what to start then this sample is a good help. In a Commercial lease agreement template you will have several paragraphs.

The introduction of the paragraph mentions about the date when the agreement is started and made. It states both of the two parties. Those are between the landlord and the tenant. Then, mention clearly about the location.

Commercial Lease Agreement Template 02

Write down about the address of the property. If it is a building in the street, then mentions about the address completely with the details of the street name, state, and even the zip code. State the building as the legal description of building.

If there is more than one building then mentions all of the building that is counted as one property. This detail information tells about the suite or other number of leased building properties. After mention about the detail of the basic information, then the next is the term and condition.

Terms and Conditions of Commercial Lease Agreement

In the term of the condition, usually there are some points. The terms of conditions talks about certain information that needs to be understood and agreed by both of the parties. Each of the points in the section mentions about the start date, the end date and the renewal terms.

Make sure that it is written clearly. All of the conditions like the renewal of the contacts and the terms following are explained in a good and understandable explanation. The last part that needs to be discussed in the Commercial lease agreement sample is the rental statement.

Commercial Lease Agreement Template 03

In this part, the contract mentions about the detail condition of the payment that the tenant needs to do. It explains further about whether the contract talks about annual rent, monthly rental amount, and other installment.

Before finalizing the contract form, it is better to overview the letter first. There are several things that basically need to be written in the terms and conditions in the document. The first thing is the amount of the rent.

State clearly about how much the tenant should pay for the rental property. The landlord is responsible to create the total amount of the rent and calculate the additional fees that may be charged to the tenant.

The landlord also needs to inform the tenant about the increase amount of the rent. The length of the lease has to be spelled clearly. Mentions about how long the agreement is lasting for. It is including the starting date and the ending date of the Commercial Lease Agreement.



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