How to Make A Commercial Lease Termination Letter to Landlord With Examples

Running a business operational certainly requires various components and supporting elements so that all needs and affairs can be resolved, such as a building or physical room. Yes, business employees will be able to work more optimally if they are in one location at the same time, and renting an office or space is the best way to do that. Of course, when it comes to renting, some several agreements and costs must be agreed upon by both parties, whether they want to start renting it or want to stop renting it. Using a commercial lease termination letter to landlord to stop the room’s rent is a surefire solution to inform the owner of the office or building.

How do I write a business termination letter?

Writing a commercial lease termination letter to landlord is relatively easy! You have to write a few greetings, write about the termination of the lease, the clear and logical reason for the termination of the existing lease, and some other matters related to the affairs of the termination of the lease of the building or office. No need to use a format that is too formal; follow our easy sample with a few clear and precise sentences.

Tips for writing a Commercial Lease Termination Letter To Landlord

There are some tips to tell you about the importance that you want to stop renting immediately, such as

  1. Write down the right and clear reasons regarding the termination of the rent and the emptying of the room
  2. Send a letter within 30 days before terminating the lease
  3. Write all important dates of the lease agreement; it may eliminate miscommunication
  4. The scope of the letter includes room inspection requests, official new office addresses, reviews of rental costs, and contact that can be contacted

A great example you can follow.

This commercial lease termination letter to landlord should be delivered at least 30 days before you plan to terminate the office building lease. Here’s an example you can follow:

Dear Mr. Andreas

Referring to our commercial lease agreement which was signed on February 1, 2017, the agreement states that the commercial lease contract will expire on January 1, 2020. Through this letter, I inform you that I will not extend the lease on the building property covering office space and other rental elements located at 259 Montford Drive. I tell you that during this December, we are preparing all necessary for the transfer of facilities to our new office.

Of course, I do not forget to say thank you very much for all the office property facilities that have been offered to us. My business has grown significantly over the last few years, and indeed, with the help of all the facilities. With a heavy heart, we decided to build all the more extensive new facilities located at 57 Hillside, Knoxville.

I am, on behalf of the Grill business, Inc. scheduled a room inspection in the fourth week of December 2020. You can contact Mr. Robert (000)-000-000 for a more specific schedule. Thanks for your help during all this time and all your attention.

Best Regards

Mrs. Carl

There are some tips and a quick example of how to write a commercial lease termination letter to landlord. Use it for early notice to the landlord to prevent unexpected things.

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