What is a commercial lease termination letter to the landlord for?

A commercial lease termination letter to the landlord is created when the tenant decides to leave or stop the rent before the expiration date written in the contract. It is usually written in the contract about the steps or actions you need to do to prepare for the lease termination. Mostly, the tenant is required to prepare a commercial lease termination letter that has to be sent to the landlord in a specific given time.

5 Commercial Lease Termination Letter to Landlord

How to end the apartment lease early?

There are several personal or even emergency reasons that make the tenants should leave the apartment earlier than what has been written in the contract. To ensure that this action won’t give you any harm or disadvantages, here are some recommended things to do for breaking an early lease.

  1. Get your lease contract and read the early lease termination requirements in the contract. Follow the guides written there thoroughly. If there are no written requirements in the contract you may do the following steps below.
  2. Contact your landlord and talk about your early leaving plan. Here, you may create such an agreement with the landlord and you will know what you have to do next based on the discussion with your landlord.
  3. If the lease termination requirements feel like to have more advantages on the landlord than you, get legal advice to provide you with proper commercial lease termination.

What should be included in a commercial lease termination letter?

To officially record the agreement between you and the landlord about the lease termination, prepare a commercial lease termination letter to the landlord by including the things below.

  1. The tenant and landlord identities are written at the very beginning of the letter. Ensure to put the correct information such as the tenant’s name along with the landlord’s names and address.
  2. Write the current date when you write the letter.
  3. Open the letter with a greeting and start with your plan and reason to break the lease early. Be brief and clear while explaining to the landlord about your leaving reason. Besides, inform them about the address of the apartment or building you want to leave. Also, tell them the exact date of when you will leave the apartment or building.
  4. If it requires a penalty, ensure to pay all the required penalty. Arrange a schedule to meet the landlord for checking out the apartment and returning the key. As a result, you have to ensure to clean out the apartment or building before leaving.
  5. Inform the landlord about your new address and contact number. Close with your nice thank you and best regards. Don’t forget to review the lease termination letter and sign it as legally binding.
  6. Send the letter one or two months before leaving or based on the regulations written in the least. So, ensure the landlord receives the letter at the proper time.

Tips to write a good commercial lease termination letter to the landlord

  1. Be polite and brief while writing the letter to the landlord. Ensure to not miss any important information required as discussed previously.
  2. To avoid fatal mistakes, download a simple commercial lease termination letter template and edit it easily.
  3. Have a copy of the letter for personal use.



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