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Company Letterheads Templates

Letterhead is a heading of a letter indicating the company name or document name. This letterhead impresses the correspondence and professionalism of the company. Although using letterhead in every letter and document impresses professionalism, there are some people / small businesses who are reluctant to buy or hire a special designer to design a letterhead company. Some of the reasons include insufficient cost, time, labor. If you also don’t frequently send correspondence, you may also be reluctant to buy company letterheads or business letterheads. And this is normal. Instead, you can use a computer program and company letterhead templates that you download for free on this site as a guide for making your personalized company letterheads.

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What SHOULD be in a company letterhead template

1. State the company identity

Your company letterhead will be useless if it is not containing the company information as it is vital to the recipients. The company information that usually present in company letterheads are as follows:

  • Company name
  • The location where the company is registered
  • Registered company address
  • Company registration number
  • Company logo
  • Company slogan or tagline
  • Company office and cellular phone numbers
  • Company website address
  • Company email address
  • Company professional license number
  • Memberships
  • The date the company was inaugurated
  • Company social media address

Letterhead in photoshop

2. Choose graphics carefully to keep them in accordance with the company letterhead policy

Images, logos, and illustrations are very likely to make a company letterhead impactful. However, you should have a good printer to print it so that the image looks good. Then, adjust the resolution too so that the image is not blurry when printed. Make sure that there isn’t too much white space in the illustration. Make sure the illustrations are in accordance with the agreed style guide.

3. Choose a clean color

It is recommended that you make white, off-white, or cream letterheads. Print your letterhead on white stock paper to make it look modern. However, if you want to make the impression that your business has classic or traditional values, print the letterheads on cream or off-white colored paper.


What SHOULD NOT be in a letterhead templates

1. Logo not at the top

The purpose of the letterhead is to get your company branding recognized. So, the company logo on the letterhead is usually at the top, especially the top left. An easy way to integrate a company logo in an integrated manner into your designs is to use an accent that matches your logo.

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2. Background color is not solid

The solid background makes your letter recognizable in the blink of an eye. In addition to using a white background color, you can use a different but solid background color. Use light colored text for a dark background and vice versa.


Company Letterhead Template  Examples

You can download, modify, and print company letterhead templates from this website for free:

  • Free Ready-made Company Letterhead Templates
  • Free Personal Letterhead Templates
  • Free Business Letterhead Templates
  • And many more!

Letterhead psd templates

Company Letterheads Design Ideas

Letterhead psd

Letterhead templates psd

Company Letterheads Ideas

Letterhead templates for photoshop

Letterhead psd templates

Company Letterheads Example

Letterhead customizable psd design templates

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