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Construction companies are engaged in development of private homes, residential complexes, private offices, high-rise buildings, tourist attractions, and public places. This company certainly has clients who need details of the materials used and development services hence why invoice is important. This financial document acts as a liaison between the service provider constructor and the client because it contains full details about the product / service purchased.

Sample Templates construction billing invoice

A good invoice usually has the following structure:

  1. Clear company name and logo
  2. The company address and contact
  3. Details of products / services purchased / ordered
  4. The quantity of products / services purchased / ordered
  5. Total fees that must be paid by the client and payment due
  6. Client’s name, written in full and may not be misspelled. On certain invoices, adjust it to the company style sheet such as whether every mention of a person’s name needs to use an academic degree or Mr./Mrs./Miss or not.
  7. If necessary, include payment methods and contact persons if there are difficulties paying off or further questions
  8. Empty room for notes

For reference, you can see examples of invoice templates for construction companies below:

We provide free construction invoice templates with the following details:

  • Construction Invoice Template
  • Construction Estimate Invoice Template
  • Construction Invoice Sample
  • Contractor Invoice Template
  • Sales Tax Invoice Template
  • Labour Invoice Format Template
  • Purchase Invoice Template
  • Invoice Example Template
  • Invoice Format Template
  • Custom Construction Invoice Template Easy to Edit
  • Printable Construction Billing Invoice Template
  • Construction Invoice with Company Details and Logo
  • Construction Invoice Template Word Format
  • Construction Invoice Template with Formula
  • Personalized Construction Invoice for Clients
  • Construction Invoice Templates UK
  • Subcontractor Invoice Template

All templates are provide in various file formats such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Excel, MS Word (Doc. and Docx.), Apple Numbers, Apple Pages, and PDF. Each template are particularly designed to meet the needs of the online free construction invoice templates.

If you want to download one of the templates, simply click the download button on each template. Download free invoice template here.


Sample Templates construction invoice Sample Templates Construction Invoice s UK Sample Templates construction invoice word Sample Templates Subcontractor Invoice

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