5+ Construction Work Schedule Sample

If you have many construction work projects, it is a good idea to make a construction work schedule. Making a template of construction schedule sometimes becomes a confusing task. Therefore, in this article we will guide you clearly how to create the template.

How to Write a Construction Work Schedule

There are some steps that you should follow if you want to make a construction work schedule template. There are at least 5 steps in making the right construction schedule. In this article, we will describe it step by step clearly.

Template Construction Project Work Schedule Sample

First of all, you have to define the activities related to the construction work. Here, you should identify all tasks needed in the construction project. In fact, there are many activities to be done to complete the construction work or project.

After that, you should sequence the activities. After you enter all tasks, you have to sequence them then. In this step, you need to identify what activities you must do first until the construction project ends. It will affect the date of the project start & finish.

Then, you have to estimate the resources of activities. You have to be careful to identify the resources & the availability to the project. Keep in mind that sometimes your team members are not available. So, the project can be controlled better.

The next step in creating a construction project schedule is to estimate the durations of each activity. There are many activities to be done to complete the construction work. Here, you should estimate the duration properly. It helps you plan how long you can complete the construction work.

Last but not least, you need to develop the schedule. In this step, you should analyze the schedule of the project. Besides that, you also need to examine the durations, sequences, resources & inevitable scheduling constraint. It aims to validate the schedule of the project correctly.

Still related to the last step, you will not only validate that the estimates of duration are accurate. However, you also need to validate that the allocations of resource are correct. Resource leveling becomes the key step to ensure that the dates of the project are realistic to be assigned.

After you have completed the schedule, you will be ready to review it. Sometimes, there are some changes related to the schedule. With this schedule, you can make sure that the progress of the project will run well.

One more thing that you have to pay attention is about the milestones. In this case, you have to make sure that the milestones of the activities in the construction work are proper with the actual time. If everything can run based on the plan, the project will be done before the due date.

That is all step by step in making a construction work schedule. Now, you can make the schedule of your own construction work. For example, it is new home construction work, office construction work, hospital construction work, school construction work, etc.


Template Construction Site Work Schedule Sample Template Construction Work in Progress Schedule Sample Template Construction Work Schedule Sample Template New Home Construction Work Schedule Sample

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