Consultant Cyber Security Resume Sample

Consultant cyber security resume sample job description is to be responsible of variety of things. The consultant will have to keep him/herself up to date with the latest developments of security and technology. Research and evaluation must be done too to be on guard of the threats as well as how one can manage them all. Of course, the consultant will need to make plan to recover from disaster.

Consultant Cyber Security Resume Sample

Ariadna Lavyelle

4011 Nienow Creek, San Francisco, CA, Phone: +1 (555) 203 3421


                                                Phoenix, AZ

                                                07/2016 – present

  • Collaborate with the IT security to discuss security matter and take care of the problems that might occur
  • Perform necessary audits and assessments to see how the cyber security is being taken care of
  • Provide technical support as accurate and efficient as possible for the sake of relationship development
  • Keep up to date with both HPS networking and wireless portfolio to gain knowledge and apply when necessary
  • Maintain the knowledge of designated network disciplines and master it to be expert in the field
  • Put the experience in industrial networking into action and apply it for the needs of the company


Chicago, IL

03/2013 – 04/2016

  • Complete safety certifications for the sake of keeping the safety awareness of the industry in check
  • Collaborate with the IT security to apply the experience and knowledge of industrial network in the field
  • Lead the team and drive the members to work on the development of cyber security technical expertise
  • Provide support and assistance for the sales and business development of the company
  • Have cyber security solutions defined as a way to help improve the sales and promote business development
  • Ensure that the projects are being delivered as designed and scheduled to satisfy the clients


New York, NY

05/2010 – 01/2013

  • Monitor and oversee the process of control system being designed and implemented
  • Make analysis of the cyber security risk to find possible threats and come up with plan to solve them
  • Learn more of the business of performance materials and technology to broaden the knowledge of it
  • Conduct and perform in accordance with the networking principles and protocols to follow the right procedure
  • Use the HPS security and networking portfolio to help maintain the technical competency
  • Learn more of specific designated security and network disciplines and maintain the expertise in it

EDUCATION                       KEAN UNIVERSITY

                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Science and Counseling


  • Well structured skills in communication, be it in verbal or written kind to make good and engaging communication with people
  • Excellent leadership skills in leading the members to meet the goals and targets set for the business of the company
  • Capability to deal with customer of all kinds with great interpersonal skills and help them in any way possible for the needs
  • Ability to make strategic vision from the business projects that have been experienced along the way of the business development
  • Strong knowledge in cyber security business and consulting to apply during the work and perform well for the needs


Consultant Cyber Security Resume Sample

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