Corporate Pilot Resume Sample

Corporate pilot resume sample will work on the commercial aircrafts such as personal charter or corporate jets. Besides, their role is flying the plane in the safety condition so that not everyone can be a corporate pilot because they should have qualification in pilot. Therefore, the typical resume sample for this job should mention their duties such as creating the flight plans, collaborating with aircraft controllers, checking the safety system, interpreting the data, handling emergency situation, and many more. You will be qualified for the candidate if you are analytical thinking, attention to the details, and decision making. Moreover, the education for this job is required the bachelor’s Degree in aviation. After that, you can read the sample to amaze the readers to read the resume.

Corporate Pilot Resume Sample

Emmanuel Atkinson

865 Lane Orchards, Detroit, MI Phone: +1 (555) 896 3456


Experiences                                       Captain Corporate Pilot, Boston

01/ 2015 – present

  • provide as an adviser and positive role model for all team member by indicating the adhere to the policy and industry best
  • FAA airline transportation pilot Certificate with multi-engine score and at least one type rating in a jet aircraft
  • Carries out the responsibility in serving safe and efficient air transportation
  • Does other responsibilities as assigned by Chief Pilot
  • Takes part in the Air Transportation Department’s safety Management System
  • The Pilot-In-Command shall execute the duties stipulated throughout the Flight Operation Manual and also specific responsibilities
  • trained DEA pilots to fly on the instrument
  • attain a 100% student overtake rate on flight and ground tests

Corporate Pilot, Philadelphia

01/ 2009 – 01/ 2014

  • Did other responsibilities as assigned
  • Did the duties of aviation subdivision manager in the absence
  • Convince pre-flight inspections that are performed and jet is ready for flight
  • analysis and calculate aircraft mass and balance, fuel on the board and presentation chart
  • make sure the pre-flight inspections that are performed and jet able to flight
  • creating regular checks on the aircraft’s mechanical performance to convince the proper maintenance as good as the efficient and safe operation
  • operational knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • did other duties as assigned

Plane Pilot in Southwest Airlines, Las Vegas

01/ 2006 – 12/ 2008

  • Flight the Boeing 707, 727 and also 757 planes of the company
  • Maneuvered flights from Las Vegas to Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, Phoenix, and many more
  • steer the flights according to route
  • manage the tools and devices of aforementioned planes with skills and proficiency
  • ensured the flight depart and arrive on time
  • communicated and also harmonized with tower control officers for the airports and air traffic

Education                                            Michigan State University

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management


  • Great understanding of FAA Regulations
  • Understanding of record keeping such as off/ on times, flight logs, and many more
  • Understanding of flight leaving, way, flight plans, and destination details
  • operational knowledge of meteorology
  • get ready and maintain comprehensive evaluations of reports and records of each flight
  • great communication both in oral and written
  • strong leadership management and motivational skills


Corporate Pilot Resume Sample

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