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Cover page or also well known as cover letter is belongs to the most important parts in job application. Through cover page, you can point out info that makes you qualified for the potential position. Cover page template has a distinct style and format that you must understand.

How to Write a Cover Page Template

There are many kinds of information that you have to provide in the cover letter template. The first is contact information. It becomes the header of the letter. This information should explain how the manager can contact you.

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First of all, you have to state your full name. Besides that, you should also provide your address including your city and state zip code. Then, your phone number must also be included. Optionally, you can also add your email address in this part.

After you provide the contact information, you can continue stating the contact information of the employer. The employer’s contact information at least includes the name, title, company, address and also city & state zip code.

Before you enter the body of the letter, you should begin the letter with salutation. Salutation makes the letter feels more polite. It is very simple. You just need to write Dear Mr. / Mrs. followed by the name of the employer. Here, you just need to state the last name, not full name.

Now, you can start writing the body of the cover page form. This part allows the employer know about the position you apply for, why he or she should invite you for an interview, and also how you follow up the interview invitation.

To write the body of letter, you must use some shorter paragraphs. It is also a good idea to use some bullets. Usually, bullets will make it easy to read and understand. If you use paragraphs, the lines must not be longer than 4 lines.

Ideally, the body of letter includes 3 paragraphs. The first paragraph provides the reasons why you write the letter. You should also state the position you want. You must also provide the name of mutual contact. Anyway, it must be able to convince the employer to invite you for an interview.

The middle paragraph should describe about your skills. You must convince the employer that your skills meet what he or she requires. If you have some experiences of related job, you can mention them. Here, you must use specific evidence.

The final paragraph concludes the letter. Here, you have to thank to the employer for considering you to get the position you apply for. You should also provide the information how you will follow up the process. You can state that you are ready for interview and some tests.

At the end of the cover page template, you can close it with complimentary. For example, you can write respectfully yours. Last, you should sign the letter. Provide handwritten signature if you send it as a hard copy. If you send it via email, just provide your full name.


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