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Definition of cover page and its function

In academic terms, the cover page is a page that contains the title of the research and the author / researcher. The format of the cover page may vary depending on the writing style used; for example, the APA cover page is different from the MLA cover page.

cover page example psd design

Meanwhile, in fields other than academics, cover pages are also used as a marker of identity for other projects, such as album cover pages, business plans cover pages, e-books cover pages, magazines cover pages, professional reports cover pages, proposal cover pages, and white paper covers. page. Cover page is also often known as the title page. So, the template for the cover page is also often called the title page template.

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Despite having similar names, cover pages have a very different function from cover sheets and cover letters. The definition of a cover sheet is a written document that is included in another document (for example a fax) containing additional information to the recipient of the document concerned. Meanwhile, a cover letter is a letter that is attached along with a resume / curriculum vitae to apply for a job.


Elements on a cover page

Although the cover page format depends on the style of writing, there are some essential elements that should be included in a cover page; namely a running head, academic paper’s title, university name, and authors’ names. Contact your professor to find out what format to use for your cover page and what additional information to include. You must complete your cover page according to the final guidelines of the style you are using.

Example: APA version cover page detail

Refer to the latest APA version of the cover page authorship guidelines. This is an example of how to write a cover page in APA style.

  • Font size, type, and format: Times New Roman, 12pt, double spacing, and 1-inch margins.
  • Running head: left aligned and capitalized, header is only allowed a maximum of 50 characters
  • Paper title: use the title case format, no more than 12 words, and avoid contractions and abbreviations
  • Authors’ names: write down the names of all the people involved in writing the paper, also include the institutions they belong to
  • Don’ts: don’t use colored fonts, colored paper, or inappropriate graphics to avoid being unprofessional

cover page in psd design

Example: MLA cover page details

Unlike the APA style, you don’t need a cover page when writing in MLA style. Even so, including a cover page can make your paper look more professional. So, ask your professor whether the cover page can be included or even required in the class you are taking. For an MLA-based cover page, you must include the following essential information: university name, professor name, and submission date. The format is the same as APA style, i.e. double spaced.

cover page in photoshop

Example: detail CMS cover page

Apart from APA and MLA, there is another style that is often used when writing scientific papers, namely the CMS format. Cover page with CMS format requires paper title, author name, teacher / professor name, course name, and due date. The font used is Times New Roman at 12pt or Arial at 11pt (cross-check with your professor).

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Cover Page Design Ideas

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Cover Page Ideas

cover page psd templates

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