Creative Director Resume Sample

Creative director resume sample will manage the art and also the graphic of promotional product in the field of the marketing and business. Therefore, it is important for you to have experience related to this job if you want to fit this job position. The experience should be included in your resume. It can be rebranding a company’s color scheme, brand element, logo, and many more. In other words, you should master software editor such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This job will be stressful because of the role and the duties so that you have to have a good personal and character. If you are interested in this job, you should have undergraduate degree in the field of either marketing or graphic design to ensure the reader.

Mark Domingo

098 Oberbrunner Square, Chicago, IL Phone: +1 (555) 768 9087


Experiences                                       Interactive Creative Director, Detroit

01/ 2016 – present

  • Work together to know the business objectives and create the elegant, user- friendly results
  • Conceptualizing, increasing, and leading award-winning the digital work
  • Carry a fun, imaginative energy to work every day
  • Work in partnership with developer to deliver polished and pixel-perfect products
  • Communicate the ideas clearly and efficiently and justification to key stakeholders
  • Increase and pioneer the digital division with the drive and vision to build a group
  • Supervise and promote budding trends in interactive technologies content, design and marketing products
  • Creates public relation plans to develop brand recognition, contracts, sales, and general exposure in the atheist and secular community
  • Write and produces radio commercial for company airing regularly on three major podcast

Creative Director, Detroit, MI

01/ 2010 – 12/ 2015

  • Helped with digital asset administration process and partner with Asset Management group and convincing the assets to be reviewed, stored, and managed
  • Systematize and manage the workflow of division to convince day to day strategic item to execute on the tactic high impact work which is developed
  • Work together with the team to serve the job task or scope and workload balancing to convince that the project objectives, funds and timelines can be met
  • Recognize the product performance through the winners and losers to sell-through and served relevant feedback to support the licensee’s advancement
  • Work together with project managers to make production schedules for all production such as video, info-graphics, and text
  • Supervise and increase talent, systems and processes that the result in world class creative work against client’s briefs, agenda, and funds
  • Work together with project director to make a production funds and convincing the content is delivered in funds to customers’ expectations

Education                                            Chicago State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Design


  • Able to handle multiple projects and work quickly without sacrificing the quality
  • Strong emphasis on convincing that the content is operable, perceivable, and understandable
  • Computer experts and solid understand of design program
  • Great understand of branding and conceptual development
  • Strong interpersonal skills such as a group player and able to negotiate and innovative scholar
  • Able to solve the problem and thrive in a multi-tasking environment

Creative Director Resume Sample

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