Cyber Security Architect resume sample

Cyber Security Architect job description is responsible to create design, network pattern, builds computer security system, and creating security structures for clients that come from various fields such as organizations, company, and more.


Julia Peterson

117 Riddle Ave, Cambridge, MA, 01001, Phone: +1 (617) 700-9880



                                                New York, NY

                                                05/2017 – present

  • Build team, create strong and firm network security and development system that can be seen for cyber security architect resume sample
  • Can identify cross function network and resolve the issues that appear in the security system
  • Can do work like maintenance and security based on Standard Operating system
  • Responsible to build IT security for clients
  • Capable to review security measurement and do implementation
  • Can conduct a regular system test for clients
  • Can work the project as individual or with team
  • Take the position to build and choose the team to create security system in a big company or big clients
  • Take part to create regular system test in order to ensure the security system of the network
  • Understand about all of the IT system by need and role
  • Join and take part to various big projects


Philadelphia, PA

08/2012 – 03/2017

  • Can work with CISO and build good teamwork in order to build Cyber-security plans
  • Working with team, guide the security control and create strategic pattern
  • Capable to direct form and build networking architecture design
  • Give and facilitate the networking with protective system
  • Understand and experience to handle the software and hardware engineers
  • Provide security advisor and guidance for security architecture
  • Can build trustworthy relations with clients and company
  • Capable to give review for oversights projects
  • Experience to handle hardware and software as well provide securing operational procedures
  • Can build infrastructure security and policy
  • Capable to give full information for clients including the specifications design, the support system design and many more



Boston, MA

08/2007 – 05/2012

  • Work with clients and handle the projects
  • Capable to work and to develop the network system
  • Can customize the security and find the solutions for the trouble
  • Capable to create secure system and build computer security for clients
  • Responsible to create training programs as well as build the programs
  • Capable to give presentations and handle the project management of clients
  • Can participate various performance managements and things related to computer and networking system
  • Can design and create programs for clients
  • Provide high service and high-level system for clients
  • Can create the architectural expertise system



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Cyber Technology



  • Experience various language skills including English, Spanish, Denmark, and Chinese
  • Have great understanding about computer science
  • Understand basic computer technology system
  • Capable to create safety server system
  • Work with OWASP Periodic Table of Vulnerabilities and capable to make formulas
  • Full experience of handling the computer infrastructure technology system
  • Have wide knowledge about computer service, messaging, and event-infrastructure system
  • Experience and capable to create modeling data and service operation
  • Can work and handle the web and mobile application
  • Capable to develop the security system and computer
  • Can post and create database security controls of the computer system
  • Capable to make access control, best configuration, and more
  • Obtain CISSP certificate
  • Know a lot about network system architect and concept
  • Capable to create application and operation network along with the secure system
  • Can build domain and the cyber security with secure principles
  • Work with professionalism


Cyber Security Architect resume sample

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