Cyber Security Engineer Resume Sample

Cyber security engineer resume sample can be a helper when you want to make a resume. Well, as it is known, a resume is an important document that will be sent firstly when people want to join with a new company in order to get a new job as they want.

By using a resume, a candidate will be able to show their personal identity and the recruiter could know their complete profile. In other hand, a candidate by using a resume is also able to show their skills, experiences and achievements as the way to claim as a potential candidate.

Well, in this occasion, we will talk about a sample of the resume. By seeing an example of resume, of course making a resume will be easier to do. Let us see a sample of it below.

Sample of Cyber Security Engineer Resume

Christian Webber

8712 Tianna Street, Los Angeles, CA. Phone: +1 (555) 612 8091


Principal Cyber Security Engineer

Philadelphia, PA

05/2014 – present

  • Supporting the development, the transition and the integration of the new capabilities
  • Participating in the evaluation of the system performance
  • Performing the enterprise system security engineering, the engineering of system security and the integration as the part of a team
  • Recommending the process of improvement, organization and technologies
  • Interfacing with the members of the team, the staff of management, the customers, the vendors and the subcontractors
  • Working as the part of multi-disciplinary teams
  • Becoming the stakeholder of the management and the development of the relationship with the customers

Senior Cyber Security Engineer

Houston, TX

11/2007 – 03/2014

  • Developing and maintaining a relationship of working with the third party of the service providers and responsible in providing the technology of consulting
  • Providing the reports to the management regarding the status of network security
  • Making the recommendations for the adoption of the new standards, policies and the procedures
  • Participating and providing the input for any performance in managing the activities
  • Conducting the computers and network forensic technical investigation including the analysis of the performing network packet
  • Assisting the operation of network by developing the system of security by upgrading the configurations
  • Supporting the information of the security architect, especially in the design and management to build better security of network infrastructure
  • Developing and executing the planning of corrective action and the planning of recommendation when the issues are identified

Cyber Security Engineer

Phoenix, AZ

09/2001 – 05/2007

  • Implementing the system security
  • Configuring and supporting the technologies of detection
  • Leading the working group that have responsible for reviewing, updating and maintaining all current of the firm
  • Containing and mitigating the incidents
  • Providing the creation of content and the tuning of policy


Northwestern University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science



  • Strong communication skills, ability of analytical, good judgment and ability to work efficiently with the clients and the management and staffs of IT
  • Highly technical
  • Able to quick learning and adapting with the new security procedures and programs
  • Strong focus on innovations and respond quickly and confidently in changing
  • Strong working knowledge about the system of Linux
  • Strong verbal and written communication skill


Cyber Security Engineer Resume Sample 1

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