Is it okay to decline an interview letter?

When you are sending out several job applications, it would be very nice to hear an interview offer. However, when you feel like you are not that sure to accept the interview offer, it is possible to decline an interview letter. In this case, it would sound not good at first that you decline the interview offer. However, if you are able to explain thoroughly and professionally the reason for the interview canceling, then it is okay to decline the interview offer.

185 Is it okay to decline an interview letter

What is the decline interview letter for?

There are several ways to decline an interview offer. It could be directly discussed through phone or you may also send a decline interview letter. To write it, follow the formal lettering format and use only formal and polite words. The main purpose of the letter is to inform the hiring manager that you need to decline the interview offer due to a certain reason. Ensure that you have made your decision and provide the best reason for not doing the interview.

What are the best reasons to write a decline interview letter?

As mentioned before, you should provide only the best reasons for not attending the interview in the decline interview letter. Here are some convincing and acceptable reasons to decline the interview politely.

  1. After taking further research on the company or the job title or job division, it shows that the career path doesn’t match your interest, passion, or background of the study.
  2. Another reason could be because you have tried to apply to many kinds of jobs and you have been completed one of the hiring processes of other companies till you are accepted. In short, your status has been changed from unemployed to employed and it makes you are unable to do the interview offer.
  3. The schedule of the job or the location of the office is not matched your current condition. Thus, you may explain the situation carefully to the company and decline the interview politely without giving any bad impressions to the company.

The format template of decline interview letter

To write a proper and formal decline interview letter, ensure to follow the simple template below. It is a decline interview letter that is sent through email. Use proper title in the subject section of the email. As an additional tip in writing the letter, you may choose whether to provide the reason for leaving or not. Take a look at the sample below for further explanation.

Dear (name of the hiring manager),

Thank you for considering my job application and invite me to attend a job interview invitation for the (hired job position) in the (name of the company). I deeply apologize that I could not attend the interview offer due to (reason for declining the interview). (In this part, you may or may not attach the reason for declining the interview offer. Writing this kind of letter requires a short and simple letter, thus it would be better to not completely explain the reason for declining the interview).

Again, thank you very much for considering my application, and wish you luck with the employee search.


Best regards,


(your complete name)

(email address)


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