Devops Resume Sample

Devops Resume job description is responsible to write a secure code that is used to protect applications or system infrastructure. The candidate needs to be able to work with certain special skills and soft-skill. The person is required to understand, create, protect, develop and defense the cloud from hacker or viruses.

Devops Resume Sample

Laycie Harmount

3997 Old Forge Spur, Annapolis, MD, 21401, Phone: +1 (410) 788-7600



                                                Baltimore, MD

                                                06/2016 – present

  • Can work, manage, and develops applications the create Devops resume sample
  • Fully capable to create, build, and support web that is run based on Linux, Unix, or AWS.
  • Have great understanding about on-premise web Saas and cloud platform
  • Have great and long experience in managing the server infrastructure including do monitoring and securing
  • Able to use LAMP, and Linus Server on the administration
  • Lead and manage the team to work under the procedures
  • Control and assist the team to do the projects based on the operation system
  • Being responsible to create and improve the deployment process on the AWS and VCS: Bitbucket
  • Understand about certain codes and thing that related to this skills like IAM, VPC, and Route
  • Capable to work with codes like 53, S3, EC2, and Codebuild
  • Manage the team and give mentoring to work and understand about CodeDeploy, RDS, CoudWatch, CloudFormation, and the Redshift



Ocean City, MD

07/2009 – 04/2016

  • Can develop applications and provide features and operations
  • Able to designs and improve the applications system and progress
  • Have been participated in many local schedules that required this skills
  • Provide consultation and give contributions to clients
  • Handle and manage the performance managements of the applications
  • Capable to present analyze statistic about cloud hosted
  • Responsible to give monitor and report the performance of the application
  • Manage the operating procedures and protect it from any mistakes or failures that happened during the process
  • Able to work well with Jira, Aha, and Slack
  • Have great understanding and can work well with various type of scripting such as Shell, Ant, and Python
  • Can use Vagrant, Docker and automation tools like Ansible



Frederick, MD

08/2007 – 06/2009

  • Able to create scripting and coding
  • Being responsible for managing more than 60+ servers and lead the distribution control
  • Can work, build, and open for critical infrastructure
  • Able to work with various tools
  • Understand about CentOS and Ubuntu systems administration
  • Capable to work with certain systems and able to perform great tuning performance
  • Capable to do automation skills that uses Puppet
  • Have excellent understanding about various tools and systems including monitoring systems such as Zabbix, Grafana, and Graylog
  • Understanding about tools that is required for Devops such as Jenkins, Vagrant, Docker, Git, Shell, Jira, and Phython scripting
  • Capable to work with web stack like PHP-fpm, Percona-DB, and more
  • Can provide codes in required time and document it with well and clean arrangement


EDUCATION                       UMBC: An Honors University in Maryland

                                                Bachelor’s Degree in College of Engineering and information Technology



  • Have excellent communication skills including writing, and speaking
  • Have composed personality with empathy, positivity, and encouragements to work
  • Work with professionalism
  • Can manage, understand, and work with Major Devops Tools
  • Can develop and create the Devops tools
  • Has great knowledge about the subjects
  • Can work with individuals or team
  • Have great understanding about software and doing security access
  • Can command and lead the team to work under regulations
  • Capable to work with scripting and coding
  • Able to solve problems and find the solutions
  • Have great adaptions skills and can work quickly based on standards


Devops Resume Sample

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