Digital Copywriter Resume Sample

Digital copywriter resume sample is a good reference for those who are difficult in writing a resume. As we know, a resume is the first document that should be sent in the process of recruitment. The document will be the consideration too by the recruiter. By using a resume, of course a candidate –someone who want to join with new company, will be able to show their personal identity. Then, a resume is also able to be used showing the experiences, skills and achievement of the candidate. Those three matters will be important in order to increase the qualification of the candidate, so the recruiter will see them as the potential one. Here, we will show you a sample of resume to learn. You will know what to write inside a resume through the sample.

Sample of Digital Copywriter Resume

Diego Fernando

451 Von Curve, Los Angeles, California. Phone: +1 (555) 162 8891


Digital Copy Writer

Los Angeles, LA

11/2012 – present

  • Assuring accuracy, completeness and neatness of the own copy from the initial submission until the final copy
  • Demonstrating success in writing in the kind of multiple voices to the target of the multiple audience
  • Developing the copy for the digital advertising, large scale development of website and the project of media. Ensuring the continuity across the channel of digital
  • Directing the resources of copy and design
  • Directing the production of final copy
  • Displaying the professionalism to the clients and the co-workers
  • Ensuring all work is only of the highest possible quality
  • Learning the system of the content management, the management of the work flow and relating the best practice
  • Maintaining the consistently high standard of writing, which will increase the relationship with the agent and the client
  • Managing the multiple simultaneous project through the all facets of creative development including the development of the agency assignment
  • Meeting the deadline of the copy
  • Monitoring the progress of the assigned project using each phase of development and the execution
  • Performing the other duties when it is needed
  • Providing the expertise of copywriting directly to the client to be used in website, the email marketing and the blogs
  • Submitting copy (depending on the assignment of working for the specific account) to the senior creative staffs for the review
  • Translating the strategy, the requirements of business, researching and finding the best practice into the high quality, the customer centric and the customer product of validity, within the brand of organization
  • Working closely with the junior and senior team members in order to make the effective campaign
  • Working directly with the clients in order to assess the need, to develop the concept and to design the layouts
  • Writing the article in order to be used in websites publication
  • Writing the content marketing and pieces of SEO and other kinds of the digital assignment
  • Writing the traffic and the compliance of oversaw and the process of marketing review


University of Cincinnati 2007-2012

Bachelor’s Degree in Literature



  • Good writing skills
  • Ability to learn about the content of writing quickly
  • Good words choice
  • Ability to work under pressure and with limited deadline


Digital Copywriter Resume Sample

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