Digital Marketing Resume sample

Digital Marketing job description is responsible to create, manage, develop, and implement creative marketing idea campaigns that can be used and promoted by company, the products, and service. The candidate of this position needs to understand, identify, and evaluate digital technology and able to use Web analysis tools.

Digital Marketing Resume sample

Rory Richardwood

3447 St James’ Lily, Detroit, MI, 48203, Phone: +1 (231) 762-5499



                                                Detroit, MI

                                                04/2017 – present

  • Can work with excellent performance and able to create Digital marketing resume sample
  • Manage and control the campaigns marketing projects
  • Lead the team and execute the final projects for excellent performance
  • Being responsible for manage, motivate, and mentoring the team, and give strengthen motivation for best project’s result
  • Able to create, manage, and lead the team with effective and efficient
  • Control all of the digital marketing and the programming that is used for campaign advertising
  • Lead the team, set and achieve the goals with excellent performance

Provide proper excellent analysis that is given for clients or stakeholders

Being responsible to present full analysis marketing including segmenting, establishing, and tracking all of the things that related to campaigns

  • Give initiative, innovative, and creative ideas for campaign projects
  • Being responsible to manage all of the digital marketing strategy for campaigns



Toledo, OH

08/2010 – 01/2017

  • Capable to build digital managements development for web and mobile
  • Lead the team to collect more audiences for projects
  • Being responsible to evaluate email marketing campaign that has been built
  • Evaluate the team’s work and able to handle the project
  • Provide a complete excellent analysis campaign to clients and stakeholders
  • Can create, develop, manage, and implement the advertising campaign marketing strategy through web, mobile, and other digital source
  • Manage the web media tools for advertising campaigns such as Facebook, PPC, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Have great understanding and able to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in an excellent way
  • Can create a range of marketing strategy and able to use pages and other media for project’s campaign
  • Responsible to execute the projects campaigns and work with mobile and web digital media



Bloomington, IN

07/2005 – 05/2010

  • Create contents that are used for company’s brands, products, and identity
  • Have great understanding about web tools and able to work with SEO, PPC, and more
  • Working with social media and expert on this field
  • Have great understanding about CRM Manager and can work as Digital Marketing Manager
  • Manage the instruments of the campaigns or marketing by using social media and other digital marketing
  • Able to manage emails and do email marketing
  • Can work with mobile marketing
  • Able to create analytic content
  • Manage to create regular contents during projects
  • Work with team and able to lead the team to work with target
  • Able to create effective campaigns and manage to grow more audiences
  • Assist the development of e-marketing campaigns
  • Create, build, and develop the brands with great strategy and well observe analysis



                                               Bachelor’s Degree in School of Engineering and Computer Science



  • Have excellent written skills combine with high verbal communication skills
  • Able to build a great networking in community
  • Has great leadership skills
  • Have great reading skills
  • Understand about SEO and SEM
  • Able to create, edit, and manage videos that is used for projects
  • Capable to create, gather, complete, and compile data information
  • Able to create well written analysis based on skills
  • Can manage to create analytic projects
  • Can work independent and able to join in team
  • Understand about web, blog, social media, and anything related to internet
  • Have great understanding about marketing and create creative contents
  • Fully capable to manage website and making strategy marketing
  • Work with goal orientation
  • Have great, bright, and positive personality


Digital Marketing Resume sample

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