Director Cyber Security Resume Sample

Director cyber security resume sample job description is to demonstrate knowledge and experience in security architecture, engineering solutions, and managing operations. One will have to be able to provide intellectual capital in the areas. The director will also be responsible of translating strategy into solutions and operating the models. One has to be skilled enough to qualify for the job position.

Director Cyber Security Resume Sample

Dan Flinchester

20117 Langworth Shores, Chicago, IL, Phone: +1 (555) 502 7201


                                                Philadelphia, PA

                                                09/2015 – present

  • Manage the monitoring, tuning, and incident response in the most effective and efficient manner possible
  • Work together with engineering teams for the need of delivering seamless services of infrastructure
  • Maintain and broaden knowledge of network systems, security, telecommunications, and other related things
  • Analyze the possible threats and risks, and monitor the system and protocol development of security
  • Ensure that the troubleshooting is properly distributed to both engineering and support teams
  • Maintain the monitoring and provide assistance with supportive capabilities


New York, NY

04/2012 – 06/2015

  • Deal with operational issues and resolve them from the root cause of everything
  • Develop and implement goals and plans for every program to achieve successful result
  • Monitor and manage the recruitment and the staff to meet the company standards, goals, and targets
  • Keep the innovative idea going on for the development, implementation, and delivery of the service
  • Make sure that the revenue as well as margin and surplus targets are met as assigned by the company
  • Evaluate and take the recommendation into consideration regarding the system components, software, and the kind


Chicago, IL

04/2009 – 02/2012

  • Ensure that the information security and privacy are being executed as per the plan for the client
  • Make thorough analysis and identify if there is any technological opportunities
  • Keep the client’s business in check by evaluating the information security and privacy along with their impact on
  • Quickly grasp new technology and make contribution in fast paced environment
  • Share the knowledge of building, configuration, and architecture for the needs of the projects
  • Deliver solutions and work streams successfully together with client and engagement teams

EDUCATION                       TEXAS UNIVERSITY

                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Cyber Security and Computer Science


  • Excellent troubleshooting skills to solve all operational issues by identifying right from the root cause of them all
  • Ability to develop goals and plans for implementation to be applied in the business projects and needs
  • Great technical leadership to direct, guide, and suggest things to both the team and senior management
  • Strong responsibility in ensuring that the revenue and targets of the company are all met as planned
  • Capability to work individually and together, then build strong relationship for the benefit of client and company
  • Ample knowledge of cyber security and everything related to it and capability to apply it in the job as necessary for the needs


Director Cyber Security Resume Sample

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